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Happy to be home

Posted: July 30, 2009 in Tampa
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I am very happy to be home… I knew that I missed the Florida sunshine, I just didn’t realize how much I missed it. I went to the beach with my roommate on Wednesday, had lunch and ice cream, spent a few hours there, and then our pool… Was so nice!

I went Wednesday night to the Bull (country line dancing) for lessons with some friends, that was fun too. Country music just isn’t popular up north.

Today I spent most of the day with Mom. We went to get pedicures and roam around town.

Tonight we went to the Bull, there were seven of us that showed up all together, and that was a blast. There were a lot of songs played that I recognized and knew the dances too, that surprised me because it has been so long since I have been!

Good times with good friends.


I am sitting in the NY-JFK airport as I write this update, it’s definitely a people watching airport. Brisbee and I have three hours until our connecting flight leaves, but I am so ready to be there already. Actually, I think I said that even before I was on the first flight. Not that I mind traveling, especially to go home, but the waiting is so boring!

I can’t remember if I blogged about falling down the stairs at work on Friday… But in case you are wondering, my rear is still sore.

I finally made it home… YAY!! The second flight was definitely the most entertaining. There was a small dog, I later found out it was a chihuahua, sitting in the seat in front of us. For the first fifteen minutes or so of the flight, Brisbee and Teco growled, cried and whimpered at each other… A little ridiculous, but really funny. Richard met me at the airport with a single red rose… Very sweet. Mom made spaghetti for dinner, which was delicious. Bed time now!

I explored a little bit of Boston today, after sleeping in from such a long day yesterday. To me, Boston looks like Chicago, but the traffic is as bad as New York City. Just incredibly awful to try and navigate. Saying that though, I would definitely go again, but I think I would stay in a local hotel and either walk or cab it around town. It was a little difficult to explore having Brisbee with me too, because they are not quite as “dog-friendly” as Maine is. I did walk along a portion of the “Freedom Trail,” saw the site of the Boston Massacre, walked around the outside of Fenway Park, and attempted to find the Cheer’s Pub (that was a lost cause by the way). Such a cool city, I can see why everyone is so attracted to it, definitely on my list to do again. I want to see Cape Cod and try out some of the local restaurants… Again, difficult to do with a dog. I came back up to Portland tonight, my flight is out of the Portland airport at 11:00 tomorrow morning to go home. Super duper excited!!

Concert day!

Posted: July 26, 2009 in Concert
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Well, I finally made it to the concert… I was an hour late. Missed a newcomer and the first couple of songs by Trace Adkins. I did get there in time to hear “Honky Tonk,” and that was so worth it! Toby Keith puts on an amazing show too… He performed for more than two hours, just incredible. I was so impressed with his band and the way they all interact with each other. It is so easy to tell that they love what they are doing. I had a lot of favorites from his show.. But I think the absolute best was the encore. He played “American Soldier” and “Country Girl,” I admit, I cried. It was super cool when he brought some of the Marines from the crowd up onto the stage… There was a girl who had a tattoo of the fallen soldier… The boots, gun and helmet. So overwhelming. Leaving, it took me an hour to get out of the parking lot. I wonder what the final count for number of attendees will be… There looked like there were thousands of people there… And I could hear the songs being sung by the crowd, even when I was in the parking lot. Completely awesome. I bought my ticket last minute, so I didn’t really think I would have a phenomenal seat.. But I could see the sweat rolling off the musicians. (A little gross, I know, but the seats were that close!) I would definitely see them in concert again, without hesitation.

So, I am practically counting down the hours until the concert.. I did laundry and packed my bags and various other things today, not all that exciting… Can’t wait to get to Boston tomorrow… So very excited to see the Toby and Trace concert tomorrow night!

The plan is to drive to Boston tomorrow and go down to Mansfield for the concert, and wander through the city of Boston on Monday, and I will be flying home on Tuesday to Tampa. I think Brisbee is getting the idea that something is going to happen, but can’t figure out what it is. She keeps following me around the house as I do my errands, it is so cute.

I was looking for some ideas to do in Boston online… I figure I will definitely checking out the Cheer’s Bar, Harvard Square, Freedom Trail, Fenway Park (at least the outside), and whatever else might be in walking distance of the apartment I will be staying in… I only left one day to check it all out.. Hope that will be enough!!

Already started making plans for the trip home.. I arrive early evening on Tuesday (hoping that there are no problems with the flights…), going to the beach with Webster on Wednesday and the Bull on Thursday night, and *fingers crossed* that I will be able to cruise on Sunday!

The dog is snoring (and dreaming) here next to me, and I need some ice cream… Then I’ll probably finish the packing and maybe pack the car… or maybe not.

Tuesday was a quiet day… I found out that morning that Dad ended up with food poisoning the night before, after all of the seafood he had for dinner… So we didn’t do much for the daytime but work on another puzzle.

Tuesday night, however, was a blast! We went to The Great Maine Lumberjack Show,, and it was very funny… Timber Tina hosted the show and the showed off all of their skills in log cutting, rolling, climbing and all sorts of other things. The audience was split into two groups to root for the two teams, green and red. We were green, with Cat and Steve, the red team was Tina and Josh, and they played out a scripted school that was full of bad jokes, but kept us laughing. They demonstrated all of the logging sports and gave a little bit of education on them too… Really interesting and well worth the drive to Trenton.

Wednesday, I dropped Dad off to go golfing again, at a different course, White Birches. He played 27 holes this time, and I did some work from home, ran some errands, nothing too exciting.

Last night, we went to a different “fun park,” also in Trenton, called Seacoast Fun Park,, and played a round of mini-golf and raced golf carts. That was loads of fun too… the mini golf course was ridiculous… and the go karts reminded me of being a kid again.

I was up early this morning to drop Dad off at the airport, 4am!! Heard from Mom about an hour ago that he landed safely at home… Taking advantage of a quiet house for a few days now… Need to finish preparing for my ship, the Maasdam, tomorrow, and do some laundry, ‘loads’ of fun!! 😀

Looking at my schedule for the next couple of weeks and it is going to be very busy!
July 24 – Maasdam in Bar Harbor
July 26 – Toby and Trace in concert, Boston
July 27 – Boston
July 28 – August 12 Tampa
August 13 – Jeff Dunham
August 16 – Webster arrives!

I am excited to see everyone at home.. definitely going to the Bull and the beach, and dinner with some long lost friends… Super excited about the concert on Sunday night, I have heard that their show is just amazing. Hoping for some fab photos!!

Having a blast so far!! Dad arrived yesterday and I picked him up from Bangor airport with only a slight delay, surprisingly…

We went to The Spot for lunch and then to Pirate’s Cove Mini Golf,, for two rounds of 18 holes of mini golf.. Fun little course (and we all know how I love golf…) but I had such a fun time. I think the last time I played mini golf with dad was years ago, good times.

Dinner was Rosalie’s Pizza, delicious. Brisbee ate part of the first pizza I picked up, so I did have to order a second one, a little frustrating to be honest… Grrr…

This morning I dropped Dad off at Grindstone Neck Golf Course,, and he played 40 holes (crazy!) in 6 hours… But had a good time. Not sure what the plans are tomorrow, but fried macaroni for dinner and The Lumberjack Show (more details later) are definitely in the plans!!

Breaking News:
I bought my plane ticket to go home for a whopping 16 days starting July 28, very excited about that… It will be so much fun to see everyone and catch up!!