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The ducks in one of the ponds along the Hobo RR.

The NH Family + Rachel V. at the Hobo RR.

The underside of the calfs’ flipper, s/he was slapping it in the water to make splashes.

The calf rolling over.

Cool photo b/c you can see the fin under the water.

The calfs’ tail.


Whale watching today was awesome!

We didn’t get up to early this morning… But we did go out for breakfast, at one of the deli’s in town, I can’t recall the name of it at the moment… But it has fantastic pancakes, chocolate chip, blueberry… yummy!

We went out on the 1:00 whale watching tour… And it was so cool. The wind made the trip out, about 45 minutes, really cold. But once we were out to where the whales had been spotted in the morning tour, we found a humpback pair, a mother and her calf. It was so awesome. The calf played with seaweed and both of them swam up right against the boat. We stayed watching them for over an hour, and they didn’t leave us. We saw another humpback in the distance, that one didn’t get to close. We also saw porpoises and seals popping out of the water, it was such a neat experience. The mother humpback has been coming back to this area every year since 1988 and has brought back 5 calves that were known to be hers… Such a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We came back to the house to rest after running by the grocery store, and I made fried macaroni for dinner (per the girls request) and we had ice cream for dessert. Yum!

The weather started to go downhill a little, raining on and off, but we braved it for a walk around town. We took Brisbee with us, and had a good time checking out some of the shops. Much more fun walking around town with other people I have discovered.

Tomorrow’s plan is to meet Billy in Rockland so that he can pick up the girls… And I need to check out the pier there for when our ships go in. So… tomorrow will be a long driving day. Definitely taking Bris along for that!

I drove to New Hampshire yesterday afternoon to see my uncle and his family, and stayed with them last night.

Today we went to the Hobo Railroad ( in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire. It was such a neat trip! We went on a railroad that has construction dating back to 1882, very neat. There is a boardwalk along the water, and motor vessels that operate two hours cruises daily. Oddly enough, as I was reading the history of the railroad, it turns out that in the early part of the 20th century, one of the favorite routes was into White River Junction, Vermont, which is where Mom and I stayed when we went to Quechee, Vermont to ride on the hot air balloons! Such a small world…

We had a “hobo lunch” while we were on the train… a brown paper bag with sandwiches, chips, a cookie and a drink, and a hobo stick to carry it on. Very cute.

After the railroad I headed back to Bar Harbor bringing my two cousins along, Kelly and Rachel. We stopped for dinner at Lori’s Cafe, I think we found it on Route 3 just before Searsport. Tiny little place, but very good.

We finally got home late, and are going to watch a movie. Night!

Feels like it has been an eternity since I was on to post! I guess it has been… since last Thursday.

Let me rehash the weekend’s events…

Friday: Maasdam was in port. Uneventful day… Beautiful. (Actually, it has been continuously since Thursday – Thank God!) Had dinner at The Parkside Restaurant. Went to bed early, was exhausted.

Saturday: Caught up on paperwork.. bleh. Nothing to eventful at all. The pool has finally been opened in my little complex, although I haven’t seen any kids in it yet. Apparently the landlord is up from Miami, but I haven’t met him either. Brisbee and I enjoyed the day.

Sunday: Maasdam was back in town. Slight fog in the morning, and a little bit through the day, but it turned out to be gorgeous right after the ship left. Brisbee went with me to Bangor to take care of the paperwork, she loves the attention she gets from all the officers I think! That was supposed to be an early day, the ship leaving at 3, but we were so backed up and down a tender that they didn’t leave until almost 4… I was exhausted!

Monday: Today. Wonderful day again today. Did a lot of paperwork.. went into town to collect receipts, make payments, send mail, and got dinner. I definitely need to go grocery shopping… I have nothing here.

Making plans for the week…. Think I will be going to my family in New Hampshire tomorrow night and hanging out with them on Wednesday. Bringing the girls home with me for two nights before Rachel has to go back to Virginia.. And Dad flies in on Sunday. Looking like my two week break is going to be pretty full, which I am excited about!

I am also looking forward to my trip to Boston… I was watching Trace Adkins and Toby Keith on television today… The concert should be pretty awesome. Exploring the city should be pretty cool too. I found some things online that I want to check out, and of course there is Harvard and The Freedom Trail and the Cheers Pub, just to name a few.

I have officially been in Bar Harbor over two months, and have definitely adjusted to the change I think. The pace of life up here is so much slower then in Tampa, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. People here are so much friendlier than what I find in bigger cities, they are more likely to make conversation for the heck of it, rather than ignore you. Traffic is slow, but I guess that is what happens when everything is one way in and one way out… The speed limit has to compensate for the houses actually sitting on the roadway… definitely not the case in Tampa. I think that by the end of this whole experience, I will be very glad I did it… I am feeling that way already. I have always felt I was capable of standing on my own two feet, but it is neat to have had the experience and to prove it to myself. Hoping that blogging about the experience will be a neat thing to look back on too!

I hear Brisbee dreaming in the bedroom already, so off to bed I must go…

Workin’ like a worker bee!

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Bar Harbor

Been busy, busy trying to help out in other areas of the company… Learning tons, and greatful to have something to help the day pass a little quicker. I was getting sick of reruns, but The View was keeping me company…

I was in meetings all day today… awful, I don’t know how (or why) anyone would want to do that to themselves.. but again, I learned quite a bit. It was nice to be involved and hear some of the WHY we do things they way we do… And the politics behind running a company… Interesting stuff.

Attended the most riveting lesson on whales that lasted just about two hours tonight… Dr. Greg from NOAA was doing the lesson, and the pictures and sounds captured from the whales were pretty amazing… But I could have done with a noon lesson and centered it around lunch… Tonight reminded me too much of high school science, watching videos and maps and graphs and the whole nine yards.

Needless to say, Brisbee was very happy to see me tonight, and I to see her… Off to bed we go!

Busy work day…

Posted: July 7, 2009 in Bar Harbor
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Today was a very busy work day for me! I sorted through a gazillion tour sheets for Rhode Island… and I have decided that there are many mansions that I must go see in Newport!

I heard from my (Auntie) Anita today… crossing my fingers and toes that she and (Uncle) Frank will be up to visit this month, to hang out with me and Dad… So excited!! (Also, crossing my fingers that we will be able to cruise on the Grandeur at the end of the month.)

I am currently enjoying a beverage and Twizzlers with Brisbee while watching Netflix’s episodes of NCIS — Such an awesome show!!

Day at the dealership

Posted: July 6, 2009 in Bar Harbor
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I have spent the majority of my day at the car dealership… Having repairs done on the lovely 2006 Chrysler Town and Country I received upon my arrival in Portland almost two months ago…

Things were going well with the van until it started acting up about 2 weeks ago… And all sorts of problems exist… The one they are currently fixing involves the entire rear brake system, new cylinders, drums, blah, blah, blah… I didn’t really follow, but they said that is what is causing me the inability to go in reverse… My response? Fix it please.

Anyhow, I have eaten at a new sub shop in Ellsworth as a result of this “day at the dealership” and I found a great little ice cream shop too!

Plans tonight? Not really.. playing with Brisbee and perhaps going for a walk… I figure they can’t keep me past closing time, right?

Happier news… I jumped into the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University,, this past week, and I have been really enjoying it! (Scary, yes.) I have finally figured out my budget for the month of July, and I am so ready to have my student loans paid off… Even though I technically don’t have to start paying them off until October and November. (If anyone wants to volunteer to make payments, I certainly won’t turn you away!) I am going to do my best to follow my plan, I know that his plans work… But I need to stay out of the shops to accomplish it… Or, as Mom would say… “Off the streets and out of the pool hall”… Yikes!

Hopefully I will make enough of a dent by the end of the summer that I can go home and breathe easy. With my company paying for a lot of needs while I am in Maine, I want to take advantage of the extra cash in my pocket. 🙂 Wish me luck!

Off to do more paperwork, while I sit the “customer lounge” at Darling Chrysler in Ellsworth…