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Non-stop weekend

Posted: August 30, 2009 in Bar Harbor
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Such a crazy, busy, non-stop weekend.

Friday — Picked Stash up from the airport. Fantastic to see a familiar face… very happy to know that I will have some dinner mates for the last two months I am here. Went back into The Parkside and did a few more hours of work… feels good to be a part of society again, and knowing that I am helping out some folks that really helped me out when I first moved here.

Saturday — Monique, her mom, sister and son came into town today. Yay — I feel like I have more friends!! Went over and hung out most of the night at the new house with them, definitely headed home early to prepare for the busy day today with the Holland America Eurodam.

Today — Today was such a long day…. Everything that could possibly go wrong, did. Amazing, so very, very tired. Don’t know how I am going to make it when we have days of back to back ships!!


*Fingers crossed!

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Bar Harbor

Today was a super busy day! Lots of emails… conversations back and forth about whether or not the Eurodam will actually be coming to Bar Harbor on Sunday… And I did some hours at The Parkside Restaurant…

So, lots of conversation about whether or not the Eurodam will call here because of the anticipated hurricane… should hopefully (*fingers crossed*) we should have an “official” answer by noon tomorrow.

Other than that, not to much exciting…

So… updates since Sunday night…

Monday was calm, answering emails, finished the laundry, all that fun stuff.

I had dinner with Greg, and his brother Noah, on Monday night at Rosalie’s pizza… yummy!

Tuesday was fun with the Caribbean Princess! Not such a beautiful ship, but interesting folks on board nonetheless. Spent the day helping with shore excursions and learning how to load buses, etc.

Today was kinda long… A lot of emails, setting up for the Holland America Eurodam on Sunday. I am definitely excited about having a new ship in town… ready to change things up just a little bit. I am certainly very ready to jump into the busy season. I now it is going to be super stressful and overwhelming, but fun. It will definitely make Tampa feel like a breeze!

Countdown for the upcoming weeks:
8/27 Nanny’s anniversary is tomorrow.. I can’t believe it has been a year…
8/28 Picking up Stash from the airport
8/29 Monique arrives in Bar Harbor, and dinner with the shore ex group
8/30 Eurodam
9/1 Caribbean Princess
9/4 Maasdam, then Dierks Bentley concert at night at the University of Maine
9/6 Mom arrives! and the Maasdam and RCCL Explorer are in Bar Harbor
9/7 Jackie arrives!
So super busy!!!

And of course…. Happy Birthday Jackie!!!

New updates…

Thursday was a very busy in Boston, the Grandeur was in and even before arriving we had a slew of problems. Needless to say, it was a very long day and I was grateful that they had decided to sail earlier than planned.

Dinner on Wednesday night was at Salvatore’s in Boston, the food was amazing. Thursday night’s dinner was at Legal’s Test Kitchen.. again, fantastic food. I drove home late Thursday night, but it was nice to be in my own bed.

Friday I spent recovering from a busy week, and I went up to The Parkside Restaurant to help out as a hostess for about four and a half hours. I had a really good time, and felt like I was part of society again. Conversation with people, and not just my dog, was refreshing… and I got paid in cash and a free dinner!

Saturday was pretty much the same, did some time at the restaurant again. Not to much exciting during the day.

Today I have spent cleaning house, doing laundry, cutting the dog’s nails, made lunch, all those fun things I haven’t done in a while. 🙂

Long day… Ready for Boston

Posted: August 19, 2009 in Boston

So a really long day of driving, but I finally made it to Boston tonight.

I had a slew of errands to run and managed to get them all done before leaving Bar Harbor, and sadly, had to drop Heather off at the Portland airport on my way down.

I am in the Boston apartment now, and ready to get started with the day tomorrow… Should be interesting as it is the Grandeur, which I am always very excited to see, however, they are experiencing some difficulties with propulsion at the moment. They will hopefully be in by 8:00 in the morning although they will have to leave an hour earlier, at 4:00 in the afternoon.

I am debating sticking around for another night, guess we should just see how the day pans out!

Hitting the sheets, night!

Today has been such a beautiful day, weather is absolutely gorgeous.

We went kayaking at 8:00 this morning, and it was incredible. We left from the Town Pier and went around some of the Porcupine Islands and saw a baby bald eagle, amazing. It was pretty tiring, and we did come home to take a three hour nap. After breakfast at Two Cats,, of course.

We went out on the whale watching boat at 4:30 this afternoon, a trip that lasted about three hours. It was so cool, four humpback whales and some porpoises. They played right next to the boat for a little over an hour, it was so neat!!

Dinner was at the thai restaurant in town, Siam Orchid,, which is so so so good.

We met a new friend on the whale watching boat, Hinson, who works at the Bar Harbor Airport. It is a very small world, he is from Brandon and knows the pastor at my church!

Such a great day altogether, so sad that Heather is going home tomorrow!

More updates… I have been so very busy!!

Had a long day yesterday with Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas in town. They arrived about a half hour early and sailed at 6:00pm, a very long day. A lot of fun though, I met quite a few friends and we went for lunch at Stewman’s Lobster Pound (I had chicken fingers) and hung ot catching up and chatting… It was so fantastic to see everyone!

Last night I drove to Portland, and picked up Heather Webster!! It is so nice to have someone from home here… and someone to chat with in the car!

We had breakfast at Becky’s Diner,, which had super good breakfast food, very filling. Then we walked around Old Port, which is basically Downtown Portland today, and had a fabulous time. It was super hot but we still fun, Brisbee did well, put passed out in the van almost before she got into it!

It was a three hour drive back into Bar Harbor and we just came back to the house to relax. Dinner was at McKays,, and the food there was awesome. We each had a glass of white wine (I’m trying to branch out…) and talked and caught up… so fun, and the food there is also amazing.

Walked down to The Parkside Restaurant and had another glass of that fabulous white wine, and now I am so ready to fall into bed. Exhausted, but for a good reason. =)

Getting ready for a busy day tomorrow, going to be kayaking in the morning for two hours and hoping to jump on a whale watch tomorrow evening… Should be loads of fun!