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Posted: September 30, 2009 in Bar Harbor
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Has it really been days since I updated??? WOW!

I can’t believe it… Life here has just been non-stop. On the occasional day off, I end up spending so much time catching up on paperwork, that I just want to throw my computer into the ocean at the end of the night. 🙂 But, it has kept me super busy and the time is really flying, I am five weeks minus one day from being back in Tampa! YAY!

So, I started to update my blog a few nights ago, and fell asleep instead…

And yesterday, I started to arrange plans to come home… I will actually be home on October 22, which is about three weeks away now… Very exciting, so looking forward to it! However, I am starting to realize how much time I don’t have left! I have so many lists to make!!

Enjoying a break today, the Queen Victoria is in, and town is going crazy over it. I went out on one of the “tours” this morning, and got some close up views, not as pretty as I expected… but still pretty nice. I went out with Monique’s mom and sister, it turned out to be a gorgeous day, not at all rainy like what was expected so that made for a nice day to be out on the water.

Gotta get moving… and list-making!


Holy moley. I can’t believe it… the time has flown and I only have about five and a half weeks left til I am home in Tampa!

I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to update my blog.. for anyone who is actually following along, and for myself. The past ten days or so have been a blur. The days have been absolutely packed with ships and the nights are packed with paperwork. We are coming up on the end of the fiscal year for the accounting team, so of course, we all have to be on our best behavior and get everything turned in as quickly (and accurately) as possible.

Although super busy, it really has been fun. I can’t believe the number of people that I have interacted with, the number of ships that have come in, and left, without too much trouble… It has been absolutely crazy. My mobile is on the blitz, so I think that has been the most frustrating thing that I have been dealing with, and I lost cable, internet and my home phone for a while today but overall, I am still content.

I can hear the wind starting to pick up tonight. We have been lucky with somewhat decent days, only one that was miserably cold, but Monday and Tuesday were just fantastic. I think my blood is thickening up! I still have to wear jeans, but a short sleeve shirt has been getting me by. If the wind keeps up, it will be a cold one tomorrow!! I can’t remember if I have mentioned before, we are supposed to have snow next month, so I guess I’ll see how that works out. My biggest fear… having to drive in it!! I guess I could walk, but a little over a mile would be a long way to go…

Anything else exciting?? Hmmm… I have put a few nights hostessing in at The Parkside, nice to have a few extra bucks cash and the conversation… nothing to exciting there. That, however, is super nice after dealing with crazies all day at the pier. I don’t understand why older people feel that it would be a good idea for them to try and climb all over the top of Cadillac Mountain… granted, there is a good sidewalk, but it is not meant for those who can barely walk to begin with!!

I have spent a fair amount of time getting to know all the nurses at the hospital, glad I am not a patient for sure!!

As for now.. ship tomorrow, the Celebrity Constellation. This should be fun as it is their first call here, looking forward to meeting new faces and checking out another new ship. I think it will be a smaller one, which is nice, I don’t get quite so lost. We are going to have an interesting situation with a couple who got off in Portland today and think they are getting back on in Bar Harbor tomorrow… Sadly, it is a “Jones Act” violation (nothing to exciting, just not allowed to get off in one US port and back on in another) and I am going to have to deal with them and whatever CBP officer gets involved. Fingers crossed they understand that they were already warned, and they choose to ‘accidentally’ miss the ship anyway.

Oh! Other big news, we are planning our trip to New York City for Thanksgiving. Should be loads of fun, I am really looking forward to it. I can’t decide if I am hoping for snow or not… it usually isn’t too bad as a visitor, definitely better than the rain… I guess we will have to wait and see! (Another reason to count down… Richard’s coming along! Yay!) But the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be a highlight, as will the skating rink in front of Rockefeller Center!!

Off to bed for now, will hopefully remember to check in for the future!

back at the grind

Posted: September 15, 2009 in Bar Harbor

Life has just been so incredibly busy..
Jackie made the plane and finally made it home on Saturday, I cleaned up a bit, and tried to get motivated to do my laundry and go to the gym.. Didn’t work out quite like that though. I ended up just recovering from my visitors!
Sunday was a double ship day, the Eurodam and the Grandeur. Very nice to see all of my friends of course. Kind of a quiet day, which was nice.
Today is the start of an eight day stretch, with one or two ships every day… Gonna be completely exhausted by the end… Way beyond tired for sure.
Tuesday – Caribbean Princess
Wednesday – RCCL Jewel
Thursday – Aida Aurora and NCL Dawn
Friday – HAL Maasdam
Saturday – HAL Eurodam
Sunday – RCCL Explorer and HAL Maasdam
Monday – RCCL Jewel
Tuesday – Caribbean Princess
Oh my gosh!
So anyway… Need to get motivated to go to work out, I definitely have more fun playing with Brisbee in the yard then I would going to the gym!
I just found out that Patrick will be coming up for about six weeks to help in Boston… should be interesting, I think he will understand why we are all a little stressed up here! Nothing else to update on. Nothing to exciting, just planning for the week. Happy that this will be the longest stretch, will be mush better when it is all over!

So.. yesterday was a lot of fun. Mom and Jackie and I went into town for lunch at The Parkside, and ended up having dinner there too. It was really good!

We went into Acadia National Park and had a nice little drive. We went to the top of Cadillac Mountain, Jordan Pond, and tried to make it to Sand Beach, unfortunately, to go through the Park to Sand Beach you do have to pay a fee… so we skipped that little trip and found a nice back road that led us right home. We were all exhausted!

I can’t believe how going from sitting in front of email and working to hanging out and exploring and sightseeing and shopping can be so tiring! But I have had the best week. It was a lot of fun to have family in town… I dropped them off at the airport today though. Jackie’s flight was canceled because she had to fly through New York and the weather was terrible. She is staying in a hotel tonight in Bangor, her flight is early tomorrow morning. Mom’s flight got out on time, and she arrived home safe and sound not to long ago.

Jackie and I did go do a little exploring in Bangor, we found AC Moore, which is a hobby/craft shop. Very addicting! The selection was awesome and they have way more stickers than Joann’s does. I spent more money than I should have… and I have already started scrapbooking with some of the stuff I bought. Very fun!!

I think tomorrow I will have to go over to the library and find some books to read… I am also going to go to the gym. I wanted to go last week, but after getting super sick, it didn’t happen. The P&O Aurora is in town tomorrow, not my ship, but I have some mail to deliver, and I want to have a look at it.

Nothing to else exciting in the plans. I will have two ships in town on Sunday, the Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas and Holland America’s Eurodam. Should be a fairly easy day, looking forward to seeing old friends…

More shopping, more eating… What could be better?

Yesterday was fun, the three of us had our nails done and bummed around Ellsworth (about a 35 minute drive) for awhile.. I bought the cutest dachshund silhouette (for a house I will hopefully one day have) and so did mom. I think she is going to put hers in the backyard somewhere. We stopped for sandwiches for lunch and then decided that an aperitif was in order, mine was an apple martini, Jackie had a chocolate martini, and Mom had coffee and Bailey’s. It was certainly delicious!

Today I think the plan will be to do a little sightseeing.. perhaps to the top of Cadillac Mountain, around the Shorepath Walk, maybe Jordan Pond House for afternoon refreshment. The weather is starting to get colder now, I had to turn the heat on last night and this morning just to warm up a little. I can’t believe that I only had about a month of summer… And i think that might be a generous guess!

Looking at the calendar, I can’t believe the time is flying. It is a little exciting, and a little disappointing, all at the same time. This summer has been such a mix of emotions and so much fun. I never thought I would have the opportunity to do anything quite like this.. although, as I think I have said before, I always wanted too. It is so funny to me how things happen when all the timing is right. I can’t imagine having been ready to up and leave home like I did and move somewhere, completely on my own, until now. I don’t know that I would have been ready, but I know that I am strong enough to handle it, and blessed that I have had the chance.

It will be interesting in another six or seven weeks to have the chance to reflect back on the summer as a whole.. I have done so much traveling, tried new things, met new people, and done so much growing, that I wonder what life will be like when I return to Tampa. It will be a challenge adjusting to having a roommate again, having to go into an office, the weather, but at the same time, I miss everyone and all the things that I am surrounded with daily, and can’t wait to jump back into having plans every night and seeing my boyfriend!

Part of me wonders if I will continue to blog when i get home too. I think a large part of the reason I started was to feel like I was still part of society… rather than being alone, and feeling lonely up here. I would like to think that life will still be interesting enough that I can blog every few days, if not daily. I am ready to start making plans for the “winter” months at home… I am curious to see what will happen next summer, as I still will not have a ship in Tampa.. will I be back in Bar Harbor, in a brand new port that we haven’t even thought of yet, or doing something totally different?? Funny — but my readers will find out just as soon as I do!

Fun day today…

Went to Cottage St. Deli and Bakery for a late brunch… yummy!

Walked around town and window shopped and fun shopped and christmas ornament shopped.. loads of fun!! Can’t wait for the end of season sales!

Dinner was a Poor Boy’s,, and it was just incredible. I have been told many times how great this restaurant is and that I need to try it out, and I am so glad that I finally got a chance too.

We have spent most of the day laughing about random funny things… So great to have family here!

Catching up…

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Last week was just such a long week…

Tuesday night, the Caribbean Princess was in port today, nothing to exciting, easy day. Caught up on some email, and went and saw Julie and Julia at the Criterion with Monique’s mom and sister. Had such a great time, thought it was funny that Julie was blogging about 365 days of Julia’s cooking, while I am blogging about my time in Bar Harbor!!

Wednesday was the start of my strep throat terrors… I felt really bad on Wednesday night, and went to bed super early. I woke up on Thursday morning, sick as a dog, and went to the urgent care clinic to find out that I had strep and was severely dehydrated. He wanted to send me to the hospital, and I suggested that I heal from home. My fever finally broke on Saturday, and I definitely feel better today.

I missed my ship on Friday because I was so sick… but I was definitely able to handle both ships yesterday.

Yesterday, Sunday, was the Holland America Maasdam and the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas and it was a pretty successful day. There was a lot going on, very busy, but happy that everything ended well.

Another very exciting event yesterday, Mom arrived!! Very happy to have family in town… Jackie arrived today… we went to pick her up at the airport in Bangor. Made some work stops, and we made it back to have lunch at Route 66 and drinks at the Bar Harbor Inn, wonderful view of the harbor and the Margaret Todd and just a fantastic day.

At home now, trying to decide what we might do tomorrow…