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Flew down to Ft. Lauderdale this morning… and I am flying back this evening… The company is moving in and taking over the operation, which I am super excited about. I didn’t really know what to expect or what the area would look like, but now that I have gotten the mini-tour from Cheryl, I am pumped! Big city (yay!) and lots to do.. Gonna be hard to convince myself that I need to cook instead of going out to eat. And (if we get the condo I looked at today….) we will be right at the beach, beach access on one side, intercoastal on the other, and a pool. Freakin’ awesome!! Looking forward to having a great few weeks… Haven’t a clue what to pack but I know it won’t be the scarves and mitten and caps I had to bring before.. So I am looking forward to enjoying the sun. I am however, REALLY missing my Miata, because driving around in Cheryl’s convertible was SUPER AWESOME!!

Anyway… Sitting in the airport now because the flight is delayed, only two hours and fifteen minutes at this rate, which is standard when I travel. =(


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RIP Ruth 6/20/22 – 10/28/09


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Some sad news to update in my blog this week… Mom received a phone call the night before we came back to Tampa that a very good family friend Ruth, had fallen, broken a hip and since taken ill. She is in ICU, and has been for the last week, with congestive heart failure, fluid on her lungs, and she hasn’t been given much time. She is currently on 100% oxygen, and we are waiting on contact with hospice to determine the next step and level of her care.

An update since I stated to write this yesterday… Ruth passed this morning just before 11am. I was on my way to the hospital when I received the phone call this morning. Her heart and lungs were just not healthy enough to keep going. Her son in in town now, making all the arrangements, but we are looking at probably having a service on Sunday afternoon.

Ruth came into our family when I was 6 or 7 years old. She started working in my elementary school library when her husband passed away and her grief counselor told her she needed to get back into the world. Ruth had the morning shift and my mom had the afternoon shift, which turned into Ruth leaving her shift early, and my mom going to volunteer late so they could go to lunch, along with another woman, Dolly (who was my brother’s best friend’s mother) and Ruth has been part of the family ever since. For as long as I can remember, Ruth has been joining us for Christmas dinner and all the other special events and holidays throughout the year. In fact, when I started blogging, Ruth was thrilled because she could live vicariously through all my travels.

I will absolutely miss her, and I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers.

RIP Ruth 6/20/22 – 10/28/09

Major update…

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Holy cow… I SO thought I was gonna get better at this… But, I have been super busy, and life has been very crazy!!

Looking back… Multiple ships over a few days, last few dinners out at the little restaurants in town, saying good-byes… sad, but happy at the same time. Too much going on… Mom flew up to Bar Harbor last Saturday to help me pack up my little house and move back to Tampa… And, we both arrived yesterday!

Billy came up to meet us in Portland for dinner on Wednesday night. Really nice to catch up, and funny that I started my summer off with Billy and waffles, and ended it with martini’s with Billy at Olive Garden. I am so happy to be home, weird adjusting back for sure. I didn’t know what to do when I passed traffic signals and lights while driving today, and the traffic is unbelievable. I miss my little town!!

I went out with some great friends last night.. a little Thai place in South Tampa, Fantastic food, great conversation…

Nothing too exciting today, went down to the office to find they put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, very nice. Went to dinner with Richard and his sister and her family and his dad at Olive Garden. Yummy!


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Can you believe that there was snow on Cadillac Mountain today??
According to the tour bus driver’s, it did!!

Today was a long, cold, rainy, miserable day. Just awful.

Exciting news? Mom will be here in 4 days, and I will be home in 9 days!! Yay!

Sitting at home now, trying to warm up, looking at the boxes that are around the living room… Trying to decide where to begin, and how looking at how much work needs to be done, ugh. I think Brisbee has decided that living under the fleece blanket is exactly where she wants to be, and I can only see her nose from time to time. Too cute!

Anything else? No, I don’t think so… Watching reruns of Law & Order…

Darn it! I was trying to get better about updating my blog more often… but I am obviously failing… 😦

Anyhow, I have been working on tours for the last couple of days, ready to jump back into what I like, being an agent! The RCCL Jewel of the Seas is back tomorrow, and it should be an interesting day. They are starting out with a lot of emails tonight, so it is going to be a busy day!

I have boxes all over my house… and it is a disaster area… but I am super excited!! I can’t wait for Mom to arrive and help me clean, and get home as soon as possible!! I keep hearing how hot out that it is, and I am super duper ready for it… Supposedly there is snow in the forecast for the beginning of the week up here, and I am not thrilled. (I do, however, have a snowsuit so I am prepared!)

Brisbee and I took a fantastic ride around the island late this afternoon, we went to Northeast Harbor, Seal Cove, and Otter Creek, and part of Acadia National Park. It was gorgeous. It has become even much prettier now that the leaves have begun to change colors, and I am wishing I had more time here! I found the coolest little park, I bet it is beautiful in full bloom, and is such a neat little place to wander around.

11 days left!!

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Yesterday was pretty uneventful, the Celebrity Constellation was in. Gorgeous ship by the way… If i was 80 years older, I would definitely consider sailing on it. As it is, I was asked half a dozen times if I was a dancer onboard because I am definitely way to young to be seen with this crowd! They only had two calls here this season, nice people, very self sufficient…

I can’t believe that the season is winding down already… It seems like it just got started! Ah well, at least it has been fun. Monique and I went to play volleyball last night, a pick up game at the YMCA, and I am paying for it today! We had such a blast, a really good time… As soon as I stepped into the gym, I could hear my coach screaming at us, whether it was warm ups or league games… Fun times! I think that I will look into playing at the Rec Center when I get home, nice to be moving about, and I rediscovered that I have missed about playing.

Today, only accomplishment was getting to the grocery store… which seems a bit silly considering I only have two weeks left, and Mom will be here for part of that, and we will be eating out… But I just can’t fathom going out for every meal, and spending a ton of money. But, making lunch for myself tasted really good.

Plans for tomorrow, I need to get moving and buy some boxes. I packed up two suitcases and have a pile of stuff sitting, it is really hard to know what is okay to pack up and what I might need in the next two weeks.. ugh…
I think I need to pick out a few outfits that I will be wearing and pack up the rest… but with the weather being so finicky… hard to do without feeling like I am going to be sorry I did it so quick. And, I know it will be easier for the UPS guy to pick up several boxes at once, rather than one box a day for the next two weeks! I also need to drop off at the post office and go out for a walk with Bris, it is just getting to be such chilling cold here now, that it is hard to convince myself to go outside without a true need.

Other than the not so exciting stuff, not much else planned. Ready to start planning my schedule for when I get home, spend some time in Port Canaveral, and getting ready for the Tampa season. It will be so nice to have an office again, I am sick of looking at work stuff all day and all night. I think now I can appreciate having a separate place to work, and putting in some good hours there. I have some cool pictures now to decorate, and make it a little more homey for sure!

Off to bed now…