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Posted: November 20, 2009 in Travel
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The Ocean on one side…

The Intercoastal on the other…

Oasis coming home!

Oasis of the Seas!!


Very exciting… Oasis has arrived! She has finally made it to her home in Port Everglades, and there were masses of people to greet her. I had the digital camera along fortunately, and I will be posting some awesome photos. There are some great ones on the website too… We got to wander around her, even though she is still in the stages of being completed. There were truckloads (and I mean truckloads) of stuff to go on… We will have trucks lined up for the next several days to drop off all sorts of equipment and supplies needed.

We had a great day on the Enchantment of the Seas yesterday, not too much exciting going on there… The crew was disappointed they couldn’t sneak out to the Oasis to check it out. But, you can see the excitement they have… even though she is SO much larger, I think everyone wants a chance to check her out.

Back in Tampa now… Meeting on Wednesday with CBP to set up for the season here… Looking forward to being back in my home port!

Super excited about my own plans for the next two weeks… Going with Mom to Orlando for a night, maybe go to Sea World, definitely shopping… and then, we go to New York City on Tuesday! Super duper ready for the good food, good shopping and the the parade!!

Well, my first week in Fort Lauderdale was fun… very busy, many people to meet and lots of paperwork to fill out. I can’t believe how fast it flew by. We had the Enchantment in first, last Thursday, 11/5, and the day went pretty smoothly… only a few hiccups, which is normal for the first day we are there. We had the Celebrity Infinity on Sunday, 11/8, which had quite a bit going on, but it still sailed on time, YAY!!

Enjoying spending time in a new place, but always happy to come home. I can’t believe how fast time is flying.. Amazing to realize that it is almost mid-November, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and my birthday right around the corner! I feel like we were just at this point in the year last year, and I wonder where the time went?!?!? (Does that make sense?)

Looking forward to a mini-vacation the week of Thanksgiving. Headed to New York City with my mom and boyfriend, excited about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! But, it will be weird to not be in town. I figure, you only live once, right?

Wondering what next year will bring? I know I am thrilled to be back in my home port, Tampa, but I have to say, I have really acclimated to traveling and having work pay for it all! I definitely have realized that I need to take advantage of every situation, and do things that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to do (ie, whale watching and hot air ballooning!)

Headed back to Port Everglades on Thursday, and the Oasis is arriving on Friday!! (If everything stays on schedule…) Elizabeth, one of the girls from the NYC office, arrives on Friday… and it will be a busy weekend!

Hello all!!

Excited to be moving on to the next chapter in my little book called life… and ready for some brand new experiences! I moved to the Port Everglades area of Fort Lauderdale on Monday, and am living in a condo that is situated between the Fort Lauderdale beach and the intercoastal… it is beautiful here! The condo was built in 1973, so it has a little history behind it, and everyone in the building seems to be pretty friendly. It is a very dog friendly little neighborhood, technically, I can’t let her walk around in the lobby or on the elevator, but, I don’t think she minds being carried around either.

We are going to have our first ship here on Thursday, funny because it is the same ship I was cruising on the week after I got my employment offer… 13 months ago, the Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas. Trying to get everything sorted out as far as how they like to make things work around here… don’t want to change to much, especially if everything has been working until now.

Ready for a few days off to explore, there are tons of watersports available on the beach, and some state parks and recreational areas. Will be very excited once I can get out and find out more about the area, rather than just the road between home and the office… back off to work I go…

Will be posting a few pics of the view from the balcony and the beach soon, stay tuned!