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We have a winner!!

Posted: January 23, 2010 in Wedding
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Mom and I went to the Bilmar today so she could have a look around the property, and we booked, and I am super excited!!!

I definitely feel like the hard part is over, the rest will be super fun!! I also created our website.. It is still a work in progress, so be gentle with the comments and obviously, I will be updating that one as well as time move along. Next on the list, colors…. sheesh… you think this would be fairly easy too. I have some color schemes in mind…

1) Brown and pink
2) Orange, pink and yellow
3) Purple and orange

I am a little partial to all of them… Number 1 always looks fantastic together, and simple brown dresses for the bridesmaids would probably be the easiest to find, number 2 will look stunning against the sunset, and number 3 looks fantastic in the pictures that I stole the idea from. Any feedback on this topic? I think I will probably have to set a deadline for myself on this portion of the process too, only because I will never make a decision otherwise!

Richard is in the process of picking his Best Man and Groomsmen… Daniel (best friend for years) has agreed to act as the best man, and Alex was asked tonight to be one of the groomsmen, as well as Greg, another friend of ours… He originally wanted four, so, updates when that is decided for sure! I have decided I am not going to ask anyone until he makes up his mind, otherwise, I would have far too many girls!

Off to work tomorrow, looking forward to a day I can concentrate on something else… not that I am not having fun, just need a break from the overwhelmingness of it all.

So, save the date, April 30, 2010 is the big day!


MUCH closer..

Posted: January 20, 2010 in Wedding
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Amazing… but somehow, I managed to narrow ALL of my options down to the “Top 5” today, yay!!

1. Sirata Beach Resort —
2. Holiday Inn Sunspree —
3. Bilmar Beach Resort —
4. Imperial Lakewood Golf Course —
5. Saddlebrook Resort —

They each offer something unique and different, and are gorgeous! So… definitely going to narrow it down with some visits tomorrow, thankully, Richard is not picky at all and will go for just about anything!

Has anyone been to any of the resorts above? Any feedback?

So… I’ll be updating again tomorrow… hopefully with my “Top 2!”

Getting closer…

Posted: January 19, 2010 in Honeymoon, Wedding
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So… definitely getting closer… I have SO MANY venues and SO MANY options. But, I hope to have it narrowed down by the end of the week.

What are the thoughts? Beach or golf course or somewhere else all together? I need feedback! I really like the idea of a beach, the sunset, no shoes :-), very relaxed.. The golf course is beautiful.. the pictures are absolutely gorgeous.. but, I HATE golf! Anywhere else.. hmm.. that is more difficult because I would like the ceremony and reception to be in the same place and everything else will be provided.

I have narrowed dates to a weekend.. pretty good I think, all things considered.. Anywhere between Thursday April 29 and Sunday May 2… Unfortunately, it is just a little bit cheaper to not have it on a Saturday, but, the options are still open.

And the guest list keeps growing… I had no idea I knew so many people! UGH… Glad I only have to do this once! I will be so excited to see everyone, I really want to be able to spend as much time as possible.. I really think we are going to take a few days before going on a honeymoon, especially to spend time with the people who took the time to fly down to us.

I really hope that once I get the venue and food/beverages organized the rest of the stuff will fall into place… *fingers crossed*…


Event planning…

Posted: January 12, 2010 in Wedding
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… is WAY too overwhelming!

All the choices to be explored, and decisions to be made… EEKKK!

I went to my first bridal show today… wow, the number of options is unbelievable!! I had no idea… what happened to simple, no drama planning? Anyway, I have a general idea of what I am looking for…

Ceremony: Me: White (of course!) bridesmaids: blue? Him: Linens? Khaki? groomsmen: blue? flower girl and ring bearer… no runner, Dad’s agreed to walk me down the aisle (and dance the Daddy/Daughter Dance!) I don’t know how I feel about the sand/water/whatever ceremony… and we have asked a friend to perform the ceremony… please pray that he says yes!

Reception: Buffet dinner, cash bar, dancing… NO conga line, chicken dance, hokey pokey, electric slide…. But I will be asking for suggestions! I have no idea what I would like the “first dance” song to be… I think we will be creating a website to put all this info together for everyone…

Honeymoon: Suggestions? I dread a cruise… I will feel like I am at work! But, what else is available that is equally fun and a great deal?!? Hmmm… definitely sun and fun though!

So… please, fingers crossed and say a few prayers… going to make it out to another bridal show tomorrow, a certain possibility in North Redington Beach, which is about 40 minutes from Tampa…

I will update when I know more! And please, I will take any and all suggestions.

And…. the ring…

Posted: January 12, 2010 in Wedding
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My beautiful single red rose and diamond ring…

And on my finger!!

Energizer bunny in the Macy’s Parade!

Pillsbury dough boy..

Macy’s balloons..

Ray and Morgan with Santa at Alex’s Busch Gardens show…

Bris getting drunk off Mom’s drink on Christmas morning…

The “Christmas Cracker” that became the “Birthday Cracker” on my birthday… dinner was actually the day before my birthday..

Can you believe it? I can’t. I think I will be in shock for a little while at least. Everyone keeps asking for the “story” so I figured this would be the best place to post, right?

So… to start at the beginning. When Richard and I first started dating, he took me to dinner at Texas Cattle Company,, the one in St. Petersburg. We went to the beach, Pier 60 in Clearwater, We sat on the beach and talked, and there is where he asked me to be his girlfriend. It was very sweet, and I made him work hard to ask me out!

Well, yesterday I had a ship in Tampa and started work at 6am. I got home around 6pm and found a rose on my bed (unusual, but very sweet!) and we headed out to eat dinner. We went to dinner at the Columbia Restaurant,, in Clearwater and had an awesome meal. Richard kept mentioning how he was trying to recreate our first date. We then went to Pier 60… keep in mind please, it is freezing here currently, it was probably about 30F on the water. I thought he was crazy, but went along with it. We got out to the water, stood for a few minutes and headed back to the car. As we started to head back to the car, Richard said he had a card for me (again, unusual, as he is NOT a card person!). He pulled it out and I began to read, out loud. I got about three quarters of the way down the front of the card and trailed off… I opened and kept reading… I think at that point I looked at him with my mouth wide open. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, yes, of course… was my reply.

So, in answer to all the questions, No, we don’t know the date and we have not set any plans yet. I will continue to update as the days/weeks go by…

I am totally in shock and was not expecting this at all!! Very excited, and nervous. EEEKKKKKKK!!!