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Posted: February 27, 2010 in Wedding
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Holy crap!! So much for trying to be good about updating the blog!!

Ok, so… News… Life has been busy, I have been working a lot, which is good, helping the time to pass quicker, but I am super tired. Looking forward to the Tampa season winding down so I have some time to relax. The accounting portion of my job is the most grueling part, but I am getting through it. Minus that portion, I still love my job!

Wedding plans… Mom and I went to Treasure Island yesterday, I picked out flowers (yay!), and Mom paid the next portion of the bill (yay!), we went to Publix, but the cake decorators were not in (darn!) and we found a place for hair-dids (yay!), and I got pulled over by the police (double darn!), but, I didn’t get a ticket!! I recommend to anyone driving in that vicinity, DO NOT go faster than 25 when there is a posted speed sign!! And we found the jewelry I am going to wear…. sparkles!!

Last week, we found the flower girl’s dress… It is adorable!! White dress with pink flowers to match the bridesmaids and silver bow, very cute.

Hmmm… So, left on the list:
-guest book
-basket for flower girl
-ring bearer pillow
-cake topper
-something else I am sure I will discover

Time for a nap!


Have officially been stamped and labeled… and the first set (only because I already had the addresses…) went out on Friday night, and the second set (people, i didn’t have your address) will be going tomorrow!! Very exciting!!! I feel like this thing might actually happen now, and people will be there (I hope) and it will be a super fun partay!!!

i will mention that every time I start to think about walking down the aisle, I get a little freaked out… YIKES! But, the partay will be SO MUCH FUN!

Life news… Alex danced at the Florida State Fair, and I think I got some pretty nice pictures.

I posted more pictures on my Facebook if you want to check it out. An hour long show called “Celebrate,” Richard and I saw him on Sunday afternoon and mom and I went back on Friday, fab job!!

Hmmm…. Nothing else to exciting to report… I am trying to pick up side jobs to earn some extra cash and I worked my first catering job today, very interesting. It lasted seven hours and was a senior luncheon at the Pepin Center, which is the Budweiser distributor in Tampa, and a beautiful location.

Honeymoon plans are starting to come together, looks like we will be cruising… big surprise right? But, we are hoping for the Mexican Riveria out of Los Angeles aboard the Mariner of the Seas. **Fingers crossed for now.** Details to come if and when it is booked!

THE dress!

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Wedding

I found THE dress!!! And it, in my opinion, it is gorgeous!!

Mom says I have to keep it a secret, but I want to share…. Oh well… Guess everyone will just have to wait and see. =)


Invitations… THE dress!

Posted: February 8, 2010 in Wedding
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Yay! Finally getting the invitations printed up. Hoping to definitely have all of them out by the end of the week. We are doing the printing of the invitations ourselves, so that part of it is pretty easy, once I figured out how to get the printer to accept heavyweight cardstock. The address labels are going to be a different story, easy to print, but will take forever to type up. Oh well..

Hoping to find and make a definite decision on a dress this week too… When it comes to ordering and alterations, I am running out of time!!

When I started to type this on Monday… I hadn’t yet decided what other dress shops I wanted to visit… I ended up at a little store that we have been going to since I started dancing and needing costume alterations, over the years it progressed to my homecoming dresses, dress pants, etc… And now, I believe I may have found THE dress!! Mom wants to keep the style and design a secret, so everyone is surprised.. although, she hasn’t even seen it yet! First thing on the agenda tomorrow!!!

So… “To Do List”:
Mail invitations
Cake / Cake topper
Bridesmaid dresses (decision to be made upon arrival of the one we ordered online)
Guy’s clothes
Ring pillow
Flower basket
Guest book
Music play / DO NOT play lists

And I am sure other things I have yet to think about…

Ring picking was awesome!! There are so many beautiful rings out there.. so hard to make a decision, but, I settled on one that I absolutely love. Let me back up, originally Richard picked out a very simple, plain ring because I had never really said what it was I liked. Well, Wednesday night we went to Munchel’s Fine Jewelry,, and I picked out the PERFECT ring. Actually, the best way to see it is to go to Levy Creations,, and search for style 4510. I’m in love!!

His ring… another story. We are waiting on another brand to come into the store, wider selection and a little less pricey. So, updates on his ring soon!

Dress shopping — At least it was a little more fun than I thought it would be… =) I went with my matron of honor, Wendy, and two bridesmaids, Heather and Becky.

I was really expecting dress shopping to be a long day (and don’t get me wrong, it was) but it was definitely more fun than originally believed. I know that everyone says that the dress shopping is going to be the best part of the whole experience, but I just wasn’t looking forward to trying on a bunch of dresses (most of which looked terrible on) and trying to narrow down the selection.

I found one that I really like… It is meant to be a halter, but I think it can be adjusted to be a strapless, and it would probably just need a little pinch of material taken in around the mid section, David’s Bridal,, and search style number T9569 if you are interested. A little more than the original price range I had been interested in, but really, really, nice on. We also saw another more Grecian style dress that was also really pretty, but it didn’t make it into the try-on pile… Might have to make a trip back!
Looks like the ordering time is about 6 weeks… YIKES!

Anyway, we tried some of the other shops at International Mall, not so much interesting going on there, prom and homecoming is right around the corner so everything was pretty much catered to that or else really out of the price range.

Oh, and by the way, I got some emails…. Apparently some baby girl onesies ended up on our Target Wedding Registry, I AM NOT PREGNANT! I promise. =) Thanks to Heidi and Jackie for catching that.

It is all in the details, right??

So, I am torn over how much information to share! I want everyone to be presently surprised, but ready for a GREAT party!!

Details… Venue is booked, food is worked out (for the most part)…

We booked a DJ this past weekend, one of Alex’s friend’s who is supposed to be fantastic… Josh, Looking forward to working with him… he sounds like he knows what he is doing… We will be meeting face to face over the next few weeks to talk about details… so, I will be looking for music suggestions!!

We also knew who we wanted our photographer to be, and thankfully he is! Husband of my matron of honor, Reid,, is going to do our pictures.. I am super psyched because his photos are awesome… They should look fabulous and he posts everything on a website that anyone can have a look at them.

I have really dug into creating our wedding website, It is a little bit more fun than I thought…

OH! Way exciting… we went and did our registry!! So super fun to decorate a place (either apartment or house) that we don’t have yet… I love the idea of having new kitchen “stuff,” I might actually be convinced to cook a little (or a lot!). We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond on Saturday night and spent about an hour there, the lady helping us was super nice and really helpful and we flew through the whole store! We took off by ourselves to Target last night, a little harder to do, because there isn’t someone to work with you the whole time… but a great place for “office” stuff, i.e. the bills… and I found some great stuff I would love toregist make my scrapbook once life calms down a little.

On a more personal note, I have been at the dentist non-stop for the last two weeks or so… I had major work done on Friday and am still feeling the effects… I go back in tomorrow for cleaning and check-up… Keep me in your prayers! I should have gorgeous teeth again by April 30!

Saturday was Gasparilla, better explained here…
A good friend of ours, and also one of the groomsmen, Greg, threw a Gasparilla party at his home in Davis Island… It was so much fun!! Drinking started far to early in the morning, we went to the parade and caught the tail end about 3pm and caught some beads…

So… life has been busy… next on the list: Invitations, my dress, the girls outfits, boys outfits, cake, flowers, cake. I am sure that I will think of more things as the days go by… but I figure this is plenty for now!!