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Richard had the day off work yesterday, so we ran around town doing a whole lot of errands.

First on the list, picking up my wedding band! Yay! Super pretty, I can’t wait until I get to wear it. We also ordered his band, a Tungsten with a carbon fiber center, very cool looking in the picture, can’t wait for it to come in so we can actually see it for real. I think he is pretty happy with it though.

Second on the list, we went and spent about an hour at the courthouse, turning in all the paperwork for our marriage license! I feel like now, this really is going to happen, weird. Very excited, the countdown is at 30 days!

I had to run by my office and pick up some paperwork, and drop off all the unclaimed luggage from the weekend. We also went by our realtors’ office and had a chat with him. Richard and Greg are trying to start a home theater install business, which will be cool when it gets off the ground, but they are still hashing out details now. Richard and I went to a home job that he is going to be working on as well. This guy has the most awesome house, a bungalow in the Seminole Heights area of town… It has almost a full wrap around porch, and so much potential. It will be super neat when it is all said and done.

So, just a few things left on the to-do list, excited and busy with work, so that is helping with all the nervousness. Ready to find out about the house bid too, wish us luck!


Shower fun!

Posted: March 27, 2010 in Wedding
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So, Friday night was a blast. It was great, although a little strange, having so many different people from so many different parts of my life come together to celebrate with me!

The girls did an amazing job putting everything together, I was thrilled to see how much effort they put into it. I didn’t have any expectations, but I knew it would be fabulous, and it was!

I don’t have any of the photos yet, but I promise I will post some when I do.

Shower plans!

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Friends, Wedding
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So super excited about shower plans!! Wendy, the maid of honor, has described some of the awesome things that she has purchased for decoration… and I can’t wait to see everything all set up! It is going to be beach-themed, which is perfect, considering the big par-tay will be on the beach. Now, we just need everyone to RSVP!

We are also meeting with Carl and Kristin tonight.. Should be fun! Takeout, yummy! Hoping they have some good ideas as to how this whole thing is supposed to play out. I think it will be interesting nonetheless, not a surprise if Carl breaks out in song!:)

We went Michael’s yesterday, found the flower girl’s basket and ring bearer’s pillow, as well as the flowers to make up the bouquet to toss.

Nothing else exciting.. 🙂

So, today was the final dress fitting.. and it went well. The only thing that has to be done is to some additional bussell hook and eyes and a small tack around the middle. YAY! We pick it up a few days before the wedding to “air out” and make sure all the creases fall out of it.

We then proceeded to the mall, where I had a list of five or six things that had to be done… Needless to say, NOTHING was accomplished! Oh well.. another day..

Richard is driving home from Oklahoma, and should arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening time. We have plans to go the the Lightning hockey game with some of the folks at the HoJo, in a suite! Awesome! Should be loads of fun… food and booze… ahhh…

Other than that.. quiet weekend…

Ok, so realizing I haven’t been on since the first of March… here are the updates, in no particular order.

Mom and I went for a lovely four day cruise aboard the beautiful Grandeur of the Seas, out of Tampa. Unfortunately, the cruise was a little rocky… some seasickness, but otherwise, loads of fun! We had such a good time, drinks, gambling, naps by the pool, etc. It was great! Anything a change from the norm is great, although I felt a little guilty about cruising rather than working. Oh well.

Monday at work was pretty status quo, until 4:20. The ship was meant to leave at 5, and I was thrilled, ready to go home and straight to bed. I found out at 4:20 that we were missing a crew member, unusual because Tampa is such a small port compared to Miami or New York… come to find out, the man had been arrested for shoplifting at Sears… stupid, stupid. Delayed the ship over an hour, ugh.

House hunting has *fingers crossed* been officially completed. We have found a house we both like, in Valrico, which is about 20 minutes from where my apartment is now. Closer to Lakeland, so Richard can still get to work relatively easily, but close enough to the Port so I am not driving for an hour either. I think at this point we are waiting on the bank to review and accept the offer, as it is a short sale, so please send the prayers up!

Engagement ring was upgraded! I figure I can try for an upgrade every two months or so, right? Just kidding… I was able to pick out the ring I wanted, which was the idea behind him picking out just a solitaire to propose to me with, and Mom gifted us two smaller diamonds, so I have a gorgeous ring! My solitaire is now the center stone, Mom’s two are on either side, and the band has a ring of smaller diamonds. The matching wedding band is the smaller diamonds all the way around. I am such a lucky girl! Style 4510 If you want to see pictures, but definitely much prettier in person.

Richard has been working all sorts of crazy hours, which is good. He is definitely getting more responsibility and the trust that is being put on him is great, although I sure it can be stressful. He is Tulsa, Oklahoma this week on a project and going to Middle of Nowhere, Alabama next week. I miss having him around, but absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Plans for Heather Webster’s birthday have finally started to shape up, so happy she got the weekend off from work! We are going to Nashville for the weekend, super fun!! I think the plan is to leave on Thursday after work, and stay overnight in the Atlanta area, and then make it to Nashville for two nights. BLAST!!

No, nothing else to report. Life has been crazy busy, which is great.

3/22: First meeting with our pastor to discuss D-Day.
3/26: Bridal Shower
4/8-11: Nashville!

House Hunting Day #2

Posted: March 1, 2010 in House

Day #2 was a little more exciting than last Sunday’s events… It was so much fun to actually go inside the houses rather than walk around the backside and peek in through the windows. I learned a lot about what I do and don’t like, and what I can learn to live with.

Big yard
Big living room
Split floor plan

“sitting” on top of the neighbor
opening the front door and seeing into the master bedroom
“funky” floor plans — terrible resale value

I am sure there are others, those are the main ones I can think of. So difficult to find something that we like, in our price range, and workable.

I think that we are both willing to do a “fixer-upper,” keeping in mind, I won’t actually be doing any “fixin'” I will just be happy to provide my opinion and supervise. 🙂 Also helps that I will be out of town quite a bit for work, so I won’t have to live through most of the first six months of rehab. But, no bids out there yet, we are still keeping our options open and trying to stay emotionally composed. I had no idea why people would get so upset on television shows about buying their first home, but know I completely understand. It is so difficult to love the outside of the house, but be so disappointed about the interior. Some people just leave the house in such a sad condition. Richard and I were talking about how we don’t understand (1) how one can live in such filth and (2) how one can leave it in such filth for someone else to clean up.

Anyway.. Please pray we find something that we can close on in the next 60 days.