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Busy week this last week has been… attempting to finish up work (still have some more on that plate..), last minute items for the wedding, tying up loose ends with all the vendors, Mel and Jude arriving into Tampa, Richard’s birthday dinner, dancing and the beach, my bachlorette party, shopping… I am exhausted!

The piles of boxes are growing rapidly, I have so much for the charity bag it isn’t even funny… Where did I get all this stuff??? Wish I could sell it… Will have to re-investigate CraigsList, and I am still trying to figure out how to use FreeCycle.. They will not “approve” me to use their website… ARGH.

Loads to do but really looking forward to the honeymoon… a week without phone or email… Hallelujah! Won’t know what to do with myself when I return…

Plans for this week… Need to pick up a little something for Nate, pedicure (and my eyebrows… scary!), finish packing for the honeymoon…

I started to write this a night or two ago… Since then, I have come down with what I think is a sore throat.. and my “to-do” list keeps growing!

Headed off to the doctor now, hoping he can overkill with meds to make me feel better…


one week!

Posted: April 23, 2010 in Wedding

Only one week to go… YIKES!

I can’t believe it.. or maybe I can, and I just don’t want to? Seems like it was only a few weeks ago that he proposed (I guess it was.. but lets not get technical) and I was in shock and wondering how I was going to be able to plan this in time.. but, 111 days later, here we go!

Living amidst boxes, dust, and chaos has taken a toll on my mind… excited to move, but we certainly aren’t moving soon enough.. ugh. Oh well, I will be ready when the bank calls, that is for sure! Fingers crossed that we will hear more of the details next week!

Bridal Shower thrown by the Gals

Tennessee BOOTS!

The Gals, in Tennessee, at the Grand Ole Opry!

Brisbee at the new Puppy Park

Bridal Shower at The Columbia


The Venue

After the shock of hearing that the bank is willing to accept the offer we put on the table a few weeks ago, I think that life has calmed down for my head to be back on straight… I can’t believe that everything has come back around for circle and now we are back on track for moving into a house!

So… any offers for downpayment assistance?? 🙂

I think that we are going to stay at the apartment that Becky and I shared, and Becky is moving to a place more centrally located between Brandon and the St. Pete/Clearwater area, for work. I can’t believe it. Kinda stinks to have to pay so much for rent for one more month, and have Richard be so far from work… but, I guess it is all part of the process, right?

Trying to finish “cleaning up” the Tampa season, and already fielding tons of questions for the start of the Bar Harbor season… I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for the honeymoon… More than anything, to turn off my cell and email for one whole week!!!

The boxes in my living room are certainly starting to pile up, I CAN’T wait to move, anywhere at this point! The piles are so bad, we almost can’t see the TV… ugh…

Mom and I went out to the venue last night, and had a look around.. Unfortunately, nothing was open but we did walk out on to the patio and saw the sunset.. Gorgeous (I might be biased) but I am very excited! I think the pictures are going to turn out fantastically, and I am thrilled for everyone that is going to spend the day with us. I am so over the planning, and ready to party!! I really need to hook up the camera and transfer photos.. Maybe later tonight..

A bit of a crazy day today… headed into the office hoping to clear up some of the remaining season stuff… I did get quite a bit done, minus the SEVEN pieces of luggage left over by some not-so-smart people who believe that they don’t need to bring home all their own crap! Oh well…

So, headed home and I get this crazy message from our friend/realtor telling me to call him… I did… and come to find out… the bank changed their minds…

At the beginning of last week, we found out that the bank’s appraiser would like to have a bid of at least $130,000 or more… So, we were okay with this (as I think I covered in a prior post) and we had moved on… found an apartment in Lakeland about 30 seconds from Richard’s work, cheap rent, large space, etc. and we were happy about all of the decisions. Well, the bank decided today that they would like to accept our offer, of $105,000, and we are SO EXCITED! Mind you, I am also scared to death and shocked that the bank came through…

Countdown is on.. 11 days til the big day! Ready to see everyone (prayers go out that the European family can fly!) and the honeymoon!!!

Today was a bit sad, a lot happy.

The Grandeur’s last day in Tampa was today… sadly, I have made so many friends over the past two years and I will miss them all dearly. My fingers are crossed that I will have the chance to get down to Ft. Lauderdale to see everyone sometime in the future.

Happy afternoon though, the wonderful ladies at my former dance studio were sweet enough and kind enough to throw a fabulous bridal shower at the fantastic Columbia restaurant in Ybor. Yummy! Sangria is always fabulous and the ropa vieja was delicious. We had a wonderful cake from Publix and some lovely presents, so fun!

I think I might take a nap with the puppy on the couch… and relax!


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To Kenny and Amanda, on the birth of their little boy!!

Carter Brian
7 lbs, 10 oz.
21.5 in long

YAY! Can’t wait to meet the little guy!