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The water may not be as clear as the waters that surround the islands.. but, gosh, it really is gorgeous here. I think that Richard and I have decided that one day, we will live like this. It is absolutely serene and wonderful… I would love to win the lotto and live like this now… But, I can always dream, right??

Today was a day of laying around, eating amazing food, reading my book and enjoying the non-pressure of not having to be anywhere. Fantastic. We were thinking about driving back tonight, so that we wouldn’t lose a full day tomorrow.. instead we are going to leave tomorrow bright and early and drive home.

Nothing too exciting to report on.. Loving my life, and my wonderful husband. Bar Harbor in three days!!


Georgia is beautiful… As I write this, I am looking out the window at the beautiful Lake Oconee ( it started to rain just a little, so I moved inside..

We left Tampa about 6:45pm on Friday night, Richard worked a full day and we had dinner before we left Richard, thankfully, drove the whole way… and we finally managed to make it about 1:30am Saturday morning. I was exhausted, so I have no idea how he did it. We were lucky to be able to bring Brisbee with us, she slept most of the trip in the backseat on her blanket.. But, by the time we had to stop for gas, she was super interested in the two stray cats that were hanging around. I think she was dreaming about them later.. I woke to her kicking me and making all sorts of noises under her breath. Pretty funny.

Saturday was just a gorgeous day here.. I think this was the first day, since our marriage, we have had the chance to sleep in and not have to be anywhere. It was great!!

Richard’s mom and aunt took me out to a little tea room, apparently these are pretty popular up here. It was gorgeous.. an old Antebellum home that had been converted to a restaurant, The Potted Geranium ( It was such a fun little place, and I could just see all the love that went into refurbishing it. Apparently it was a home that was just falling to pieces before it was purchased, interestingly enough, by a woman who was living in Boca, small world!

After lunch, we went around to different little antique shops in the surrounding towns, the search was fun.. but everything was a little too expensive for my wallet.

Last night we had the first chance to go out on the pontoon boat that Richard’s aunt and uncle own. It was so fun. The weather was perfect, not to hot or humid. We were just out for a short time, and then we had to head back and get ready for dinner at the Blue Willow Inn Restaurant (, in Social Circle. I think it is another Antebellum home that has been converted. The do a buffet style dinner, all Southern-style. It was pretty good, and I definitely ate my fair share.

We came home late… maybe about 10pm? I headed to bed with a glass of wine and a book. I slept like a rock!

This morning was spent on the deck, eating fresh fruit and sticky buns from the local bakery. We were waiting on Richard and his dad to return from fishing, sadly no fish in hand. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ He did say they caught a fish (14 inches long!) but they had to throw it back..

Enjoying not having to do anything or make sure anything gets done.. off for a nap I think!

Our first weekend home (well, apartment living) together, with no jobs pulling us in the opposite directons.. So nice! I finally made it home on Friday night from Portland, after a super nice JetBlue representative bumped me up two flights, (totally not allowed, but I am super greatful!)

The flight landed about 45 minutes (explain that, how can that happen?) and my lovely Mom collected me at the airport… I did a quick dash to pick up my little puppy and some food and headed home. Richard had to work late, and the pillow was calling my name, so Friday night was pretty uneventful.

Saturday was loads of fun though, we went to Indian Rocks Beach and hung out near the Kooky Coconut. The weather was so hot but the water was perfect.. It was great. The little sub place also has the Working Cow ice cream, delicious! I made sandwiches and we brought some drinks, but definitely treated ourselves to ice cream! We were only able to spend two hours at the beach because of the heat..

And we headed over to Richard’s old apartment in Lakeland to clean it out. That was an interesting experience. ๐Ÿ™‚ SO much trash!! LOL, but we ended up packing up quite a but of stuff, and his parent’s were so kind to allow us to store everything in their garage.. I can’t wait til we have a house!

Today we spent at church this morning, and now I am alternating between writing this blog update and watching something on television. BTW, Richard is snoring on the couch next to me..

This week is going to be busy:
Tuesday: Girl’s Night
Wednesday: Lunch w/ the HoJo girls
Thursday: Zumba w/ Wendy

And we are headed to Georgia this weekend! It will be so fun!! We are going to be staying with R’s aunt and uncle, on Lake Oconee.. can’t wait to see their place, supposed to be right on the lake. Fingers (and toes) crossed that the weather is going to be wonderful, and I can continue to work on my tan!

Baa Haabaa…

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So so so thrilled to be back in Bar Harbor!! Driving in from Portland was as long and scenic as it always is.. And driving on to the island was awesome! Completely different reaction from last year’s drive though… I was scared out of my mind and did not know what to expect, and this year I was smiling from ear to ear!

The Holland America Maasdam was back in town today, and it was so nice to see some familiar faces. Captain Henk was back! and his wife Cassie (the shore ex person), and some of the Guest Services and Security faces were familiar faces.. so nice to see everyone!

I arrived last night, and drove through the rain from Portland.. reminded me of the Bar Harbor I just left in October. Today was much better, the weather was absolutely gorgeous.. it must have been in the mid 80s, I was wearing a t-shirt on the pier!

I went to dinner at the Parkside Restaurant, which has a lot of new items on the menu, and it was delicious, as always. Dinner tonight was at the Siam Orchid, the BEST (and only) Thai restaurant on the island. Super good.

Heading out early tomorrow to attempt standby on the flight home to Tampa, can’t wait to come back, June 3! (Oh, and Mom bought her ticket already… she comes September 20-24!!)

…was fab! Great time aboard the beautiful Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas.. a whole week of relaxation… ahh…

I can’t believe we have been back in town for almost two weeks and married for nearly a month! The honeymoon was spectacular. We flew to Los Angeles on Saturday, May 1, in the evening time and arrived almost midnight LA time. We were exhausted, but made it to the hotel without any dramas. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza, the room was great and the staff were so nice.

The next morning we went to a local joint for breakfast called Grinders. Found out that there used to be over 100 locations all over California, now, there are only 3!
The food was pretty good and super cheap.

We walked back to the hotel and finished packing up, last minute ironing, etc. We took a shuttle over the terminal, and we were treated like royalty! I could not get over how calm and kind everyone was. It is so easy to compare terminals after the number of them that I have been through… I guess being guests of the Captain is quite a thrill, it certainly was for us! We were escorted to the gangway, and allowed to board with all the Crown and Anchor members, people who have sailed more than 20 times. ๐Ÿ™‚ That was pretty cool.

Once on board we wandered around for a bit, had an adult beverage and relaxed a little. We weren’t able to get a room until way after we sailed, so we were homeless for a little while. Everything worked out though and we were super lucky to get a balcony room! We were soooooo excited!!!

The excitement only lasted about 24 hours though, by the next afternoon, we had gotten a call that we had to move to a different room because the one we were in was needed for another reason. Booooo!

The rest of the cruise was great. The second night on board, we received an invitation to dine with Captain Per, which was neat. I had only met him once previously, very briefly, so it was nice to have a more relaxing time to chat. We also took advantage of the two fantastic specialty restaurants, Chops Grille and Portofino’s, and split the rest of the nights between the Windjammer buffet and the dining room, super nice to have someone prepare dinner AND clean up after you!

I also spent a lot of time laying by the pool, which was great.. I came home so dark… which was the plan, great! We also spent some time on the “Promenade,” shopping, drinking wine, and eating pizza. Great stuff.

I think we were passed out every night by 10pm. So sad, we should have been awake late every night! LOL, but it did not happen. We were both awake by 8:30am, and up for a delicious breakfast… WAFFLES! and just about everything else, bacon, pancakes, muffins, eggs, ugh.. so glad I didn’t gain weight!

We made stops at three different ports while on the cruise, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta, all gorgeous and the west coast of Mexico is just so different from the east coast and the likes of Cozumel!

The first port Cabo San Lucas was the only port we chose to do a shore excursion in, and it was pretty cool. We opted to rent dune buggies and go zooming around in the desert and up along the shoreline, it was so pretty. We could not believe how absolutely beautiful it was. Just gorgeous. We were absolutely covered in sand and dirt, but it was super amazing.

The second port was Mazatlan, and it was just as pretty. We just went out into the port for an adult beverage and a walk around, downtown in the shopping district, just a relaxing stroll…

The third port was Puerta Vallarta, and again, we just ventured out for lunch. The weather was absolutely gorgeous once we hit the Mexican coast, and it just stayed that way. Unfortunately, it also meant that by two or three in the afternoon, I was ready for a nap. I guess that isn’t too bad considering we were on vacation! The restaurant we found was actually a recommendation from a cab driver, and we shared the cab with a mother and daughter from Canada.. nice people. The restaurant was neat.. they made the salsa right in front of us! MargaritaGrill!! (I remembered the name…) After lunch, we started to walk in the direction of the ship, which was actually a lot further from us than walking distance, but it put us into a pretty neat “flea market” area that was totally different from anything that we have in America. The flea markets there were mainly rows and rows of the same items, each varying in price, but, it was still fun to walk through.

I am sure there is more, as it was a whole week… But, definitely a good time!

The wedding was great, as far as I am concerned, and let’s be real… As long as I was happy, that really is all that matters… Right? ๐Ÿ™‚

I know that Mom was a little stressed out running around all over the place to set up and take care of things for me… But, she did an awesome job and I LOVE the way that everything turned out, I was thrilled that what I pictured is what happened.

Richard and I were talking that night.. in the few minutes we had alone to talk… and we were both shocked and thrilled for the number of people that came out to celebrate with us.. It was awesome to see all of our families there, and mingling, and enjoying being together.. I always knew I was surrounded by awesome people, this was just proof!

Earlier that day was probably the most relaxing ever! I hear a lot of brides saying that they have been awake since before dawn, setting up, preparing the reception area, trying to last minute organize about forty different things, and having tons of people around giving their opinion. I can’t believe anyone would put themselves through that! I hung out on the beach with Wendy, Heather and Becky and we soaked up the sun for a couple of hours. We went up to the pool after a while and the rest of the English side of the family arrived, SO great to see them… I haven’t seen Kelsey in 13 years… since she was about 10 weeks old! Richard arrived shortly after and we had lunch at the Sloppy Joe’s at the hotel, delicious.

After hanging out for a little while, we were able to rehearse the ceremony twice.. super easy.. Kelsey stepped up and acted as our organizer… making sure everyone walked out at the appropriate tine, great job and mucho thanks to her.

We all headed up to the rooms to start getting ready.. My hair was courtesy of my lovely cousin Eve, who did an amazing job. I was so thrilled to see the final result, as it was certainly hard to sit through all the curls!! I couldn’t believe that they started to fall out so quickly into the night, but let me be honest, my hair doesn’t EVER hold a curl… so to get pictures, I was thrilled!

Wendy, my matron of honor, is big into the MaryKay stuff.. She did my makeup. Super amazing job there.. I was thrilled, completely natural, and it looked great!

After Mom and the girls helped me into the dress, with most of my aunts watching.. I was able to put all the jewelery on and finishing looking at myself in the mirror, I could not believe how much NOT like myself I looked.

Richard came into the room after and we got some fantastic photos, because Reid, our photographer, wanted to make sure that he could get some great photos. His website,, is an amazing description of his work… I am excitedly counting down the days to see the final photos!

There were tons of photos taken, I wish that we had been able to take more photos with the bridal party and maybe some of the extended family because we really had a lot more light than anyone thought we would have.. But, anyhow, I am sure the pictures will be fabulous!!

I think that the worst part of the whole evening was right before I walked down the aisle with my dad. I have never felt so sick, I could not believe I felt like I was going to throw up… But, there is just no other way to describe it. The feeling passed soon enough and I was able to get through the night just fine.

After a long night of dancing, mingling, drinking, and everything else combined.. I would chalk it up to a fantastic night. I can’t believe how well everything seemed to go and the feedback from everyone is that a great time was had. I am so happy to hear it. I didn’t eat much that night.. I think I was too excited and nervous at the same time, but I heard the food was pretty good. Kudos to the chef!

I am sure that I will remember some details later, and have to update as I think about it.. but, for now, not a bad recollection of the night, if I do say so myself!

And trying to catch up on everything that has happened in the last week…
Seems like the last three months have just flown by!

I can’t believe how quickly everything happened and now it all seems like a distant memory. I had 111 days from engagement to wedding day and somehow, I managed it fit in:
-finishing up Tampa season
-starting set up for Bar Harbor season
-making arrangements while out of the office for a week
-two bridal showers
-bachlorette party
-night-before-the-wedding party

holy cow. and now, I have been home four days and accomplished:
-continuing to pack up apartment
-watching ALL the TV shows I missed while away
-catching up on emails and voicemails
-getting the nails redone
-returns (of unused wedding material)
-purchases of super good on sale items (courtesy of Mom) and my laptop bag!
-opening ALL the gifts
-writing about half the Thank You cards

-I travel to Ft. Lauderdale for work this weekend
-hopefully meeting a potential new (on the side) employer
-Bar Harbor for three days (May 19-21)

I am already exhausted. This summer is going to be super busy going back and forth to Bar Harbor, but, I am thrilled that I will be able to come home… I really spent a lot of time on the couch last year… And that certainly doesn’t need to happen again. I am definitely going to take advantage of the time I do have up there, tons of visitors already!

I know that I need to blog about the wedding and the honeymoon, and post pics, hopefully I will get around to that in the next couple of days…

I am thrilled with how everything turned out. So far, tons of responses that the location was great, the weather was perfect (minus a little wind, Thank God!), and the reception was super relaxed. Hoping that is the general consensus anyway.. But, does it matter? Nope, it was OUR day… And we LOVED it!!

More blogging to follow… and a change in the blog name too… Suggestions?