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Home.. and back again..

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Other

Back to the grind tomorrow..

Gotta pack tonight.. did the laundry, grocery shopping, and not looking forward to having to wake up SO early!!

Flight is 7:35am, ugh.

Donuts with Heather — I am outta here!!


Busy, busy!

Posted: June 20, 2010 in Bar Harbor, House
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So, I am back in Bar Harbor working.
Hubby is working in Wiumama this week.. and being awesome, and went house hunting with our realtor yesterday!! Good news, we have at least three more houses that we can put bids on!

Weather in Bar Harbor has just been amazing. The days have ranged between 75F and 85F, I have enjoyed NOT wearing 42 layers in the rain… And I have laid out by the pool, amazing!

Work has been pretty easy.. not too busy yet. “Living,” or at least commuting back and forth into Bar Harbor has been so much easier this year than it was last year. I feel SO much more comfortable now, which shouldn’t be a surprise, since at least there is some facial recognition and i know some people. It has actually been a lot of fun.. I am hoping to jump onto a whale watch either Monday or Tuesday, if the weather is good for a break in the monotony.. The TV can only be a friend for so long. And without my little puppy here, I have no reason to go out for walks at least 16 times a day.

Hubby was house hunting for me, errr I mean us, yesterday.. And he found at least three more places that we can put bids on.. which is exciting!! There is a little bit of randomness.. we have been looking in Valrico, Seffner, and Temple Terrace, and at regular sales, short sales and foreclosures. I can’t decide how I feel about what.. Definitely interesting to think that we could have a place that we could move right into, but will cost a little more, and the total opposite.. one that needs some work before we move in, but would be much easier on the pocketbook later… Oh, decisions, decisions!!

So.. One more ship this week, on Wednesday, and then I am headed home on Thursday.. Fingers crossed that we might be slightly further along in the job hunt, which would be super exciting.

GNO next Tuesday!!

Wedding pictures!!

Posted: June 15, 2010 in House, Wedding
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And house hunting, still.

Wedding photos are absolutely fantastic, and I am thrilled with what Reid did. I know they would be fantastic- Just couldn’t wait to see the final outcome!

Check it out.

So far.. we may have found three possibilities on houses.. which is exciting. Still hoping for the perfect house.

Keep praying for us please. I am so sick of living in an apartment, and I would love to have a place to decorate for Christmas!!

Back home…

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Friends, Tampa
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Now, sadly, there is not much going on!

Arrived home LATE (at night) from Bar Harbor on Monday night.

Tuesday was a wonderful day to laze around.. Hung out at the office for a bit, trying to stay busy.. Went to lunch with the girls at Go Go Greek.. (South Tampa, SO good!!), and my dear, darling husband flew to Vegas (super jealous!!)..

So, that leaves me tonight, most importantly, I HAVE CONTROL OF THE REMOTE!!
And nothing else to report. 😀

Lunch with Cheryl
Zumba with Wendy
Brooks and Dunn with Wendy
Baseball with the group
— Busy weekend!!

Lots of catching up to do!

June 1 — We left Georgia and headed home about 10 or so… we were originally planning on leaving about 6, but that was being overly ambitious. 🙂 We still had a great day and ended up stopping in Ocala to hang out with Richard’s sister’s family. Kristin made us dinner, which was delicious.. and we ended up staying til after 9pm.. loads of fun, and well worth it.

I left for Bar Harbor again on June 3, flying into Portland, and met up with my colleague, Greg, for lunch. We ate at this fantastic deli, The Crooked Mile, in downtown Portland, and then I headed up to the island.

Yesterday was the Holland America Maasdam, which, knock on wood, went without incident. I was thrilled! The day was absolutely gorgeous, in the 70’s. I had dinner at Epi’s.. the best egg salad sandwich anywhere! And then a few glasses at wine Parkside. Yum.

Haven’t decided what to do yet today.. the weather is a little depressing. Ugh.