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And… Our awesome wedding photographer posted about us on his blog!

Check it out…

We had a great morning at the Tampa West Park Dog Park!

Brisbee has never been interested in socializing and couldn’t care less about any other dogs. On the other hand, Oscar had some fun seeing his former foster family…

The park is really large, fenced in area that is perfect for a large number.. I don’t know what the finally count on number of dachshunds was, maybe twelve? It was so cute to see all the different furry faces… long hair, short hair, mini, tweenie, and standard!

Loads of fun… looking forward to the next meet-up for sure. SO happy that Brisbee has become just a little more socialized.. she didn’t fight or bark with anyone! And Oscar just ran around in his own little world, hilarious.

I can’t believe we have a new puppy! Oscar, formerly known as Mickey, came to us on Friday night, 23 July, from a rescue group DARE Dachshund Adoption Rescue and Education. He was a seizure from a home with 10 other dogs, he and his brother, Frankie, were the only dachshunds.

Oscar and Brisbee have adjusted to each other a little bit, they are still learning how to be friends. I think at the point Brisbee is just ignoring him, at least, while he stays off my lap!

We are working on everything one day at a time, he is TERRIFIED of everything. The stairs, elevators, his own shadow… it’s hysterical, sometimes. Other times, just annoying. And he does have some chewing issues.. thankfully he picks up his rubber toys first and he has already killed his first stuffed toy..

Life has definitely been entertaining!

Richard and I on the boat…

Brisbee on the pontoon…

Sharon, myself and Lavonne at “The Potted Geranium” tea house.

… And it was awesome!! I had so much fun, and I think there was definitely more people on the island this year than last year.. I think the police estimated 70,000 people! Amazing.

The week wasn’t too long, in fact, it flew by. I arrived Thursday, Holland America Friday, parade on Saturday morning, Ball Park activities, hosting Saturday night at the Parkside, pool time on Sunday, hosting Sunday night, fireworks (that I partially watched), pool time on Monday, recoup on Tuesday, Celebrity on Wednesday and home on Thursday. Geez, no wonder it flew!

The Shriner’s did an amazing job.. yet again. It was so cool to see the new monster trucks! The Ball Park after the Parade was fun too… lobster races, strawberry shortcake, clothing sales, etc. I treated myself to ice cream and then got out of town. Parking was horrific. I knew it was bad driving in from my little apartment last year, I didn’t realize how it would be driving in from the other side of the island. It was a parking lot, literally. Awful.

But, still fun. Glad I went into town… Hoping that we will be able to make it to Georgia, Lake Oconee, next year. I would love to actually spend the 4th with my new husband, and Lake Oconee is gorgeous. Totally worth the six hour drive.

Back to the office tomorrow, catch up on some paperwork, and lunch with the girls on Tuesday.