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Picked Dad up from the airport in Bangor on Monday morning..

Lunch at the Hot Spot, which has changed owners and menus from last year but is still pretty good.

Naps for both of us.. for Dad it turned into an all night affair.. lol..

Tuesday was great.  Dropped Dad off at the White Birches Country Club in Ellsworth,, and he golfed for almost 6 hours.  We headed out to the Great Maine Lumberjack Show, and had a great time.  Amazing the amount of kids at the show.. We went in July last year and it was definitely a slower pace then, but we still had a blast!

Wednesday… long day today working.. Dad hung out around town and spent some time at the library, weird, right? Fried macaroni was the specialty tonight, yummy!  And then we went into Trenton and had some fun with go-karts and mini golf.  Good times.  I won at go-karts, he won mini golf.. not a surprise..

Talked to Mom today.. she agreed to watch both puppies while Richard has to go to Daytona for an overnight work thing.. Thank you Mom! (and Grammy!)  Becky has been “sitting” for us, but she and Heather are out of town.. Thankfully Mom was willing to take on the job.

Thursday… I put some hours in over at the Parkside Restaurant, always a good time.  I hostessed alone for the first time, and my first lunch, it was wicked busy, but I enjoyed it and the time flew.  Dad golfed on the other side of the island, at Causeway Club,, upon recommendation.  He said the course was short but from my view, it was absolutely beautiful.  🙂

Today was a longer day for sure.. Full passenger and crew inspection on the Holland America Maasdam.  Super busy, but it was organized so well.  I was thrilled!  The Hotel Director, Cees, “flexed some muscle,” his words not mine, and everything ran so smoothly.. Clear again til next August 27 – yay!  Shared a bottle of white wine with the girls, Monique and Chloe, after work and Lynda made great dinner.  Vegging on the couch for now.. bed soon!

Spoke to Mom tonight, she was sharing some of the funniest of the puppies over the two nights and two days she had them.. Come to find out, Brisbee is the instigator when it comes to barking.  That monkey will bark at anyone and anything, Oscar was totally oblivious to the goings on… He wanted to play out back in the flower beds instead!  She took them both to the airport to pick Dad up.. he still shakes like a leaf in the car, but at least he gets into it.  Weird creature.

And my wonderful husband got quite a few of the items on his “honey-do list” done, even with having to go out of town for work.  Love that I can leave a list, and know that he will work on it.. Can’t wait to have a working window in my car again (and not fall into the “ghetto” category anymore)!!


Can you believe it??

I landed in Baltimore, from starting in Tampa at 7:35am.. thinking I was doing well.. grabbed my parfait from Mickey D’s and head over to the next gate… Guess what?  The flight has already been loaded, and there are about 6 of us stuck without seats.  Now, I know there is a reason that they oversell the flights, because a percentage of people won’t show up… blah, blah, blah.  At least, that was my thought at 10am in Baltimore.. knowing the next flight to Portland is not until 4:50pm (!) and I definitely had a 3 hour drive after that to Bar Harbor. I definitely did not think that it was necessary to chew out the representative behind the desk (she didn’t book the flight) and it definitely wasn’t necessary to break into a pile of tears..  I do what was best, sat until the poor girl had a chance to think.. was kindly pointed in the direction of the customer service rep that was going to be rebooking me on the next flight and found out that I was going to be compensated for ‘volunteering’ to give up my seat.  Hey – 3 FREE ROUNDTRIP flights in exchange for spending 7 hours in BWI.. I can handle that!  Needless to say, I got hooked up to the internet.. went directly to the website.. and found out exactly where they travel.. can you say Aruba?? Jamaica?? WAHOO!!

Super duper excited about the upcoming year and what travel plans I can now make!  Any suggestions??

I did finally make it to Bar Harbor about 10ish, not too bad considering.  My thoughts?  Shower.  Bed.  Slept like a dog, it was great.

Day started early, with the Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas.. overall, great day.  No major issues, only 2 instances that definitely stick in my mind.  First, it’s Monique’s first day in Bar Harbor and first day this season working.  Love having her back, and we are going to be room  mates for the next 2 months or so.  Anywho.

First instance:  Set the scene.  Older gentleman, pants are 3 inches to short, sandals with socks.  Tourist.  TO A TEE.  He walks up to Monique and asks her where the bus is for his tour.  Fails to mention what tour he is on or pull his tickets out to be checked.  Monique told him the line was back around the corner.  He blows up, like really blows up, starts screaming about how he did not ask where the line was, etc, etc, etc.  To her credit, Monique stayed calm as anything, possibly shock?  We all look at each other.. like, did he really just say that?!?

Second instance:  Tour bus makes impact with Jeep Liberty, driven by a local boy.  Whoops.  Not a huge problem, no injuries, no major damage to the vehicles.. Super sorry for the tour bus driver.. first time in Bar Harbor.. Makes a sharp left turn from Main St. to West St. and next thing you hear what sounded like a soda can being smashed.  Ugly.  Local kid gets really upset, come to find out.. via about 6 witnesses on the tour bus.. Liberty may have pulled into the intersection and rather than giving way to a bus decided him dropping off his passenger was more important.  Ugh.


Coming to home to sharing the house was great, Monique’s mom made us dinner.  Looking forward to the next couple of months!!

Making the change…

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Finally trying to update and upgrade… and maybe making the move to a program that will allow me to be a little more exciting?  We shall see… Can’t wait to hear the feedback on the new site.. Keeping in mind I am still trying to figure out how to use it (thank God for step by step directions) but it should be just as easy for readers… Sign up to get updates emailed as soon as I post again, participate in polls (unheard of on Blogspot), and maybe some videos?

Looking forward to being able to post more.. Definitely some older stuff, and keep you up to date on our lives, and what our pups are up to today!

Take the first poll!!

House hunting, again.

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Do I need to say it? AGAIN. I am very much over the house hunting that has to occur to find a blasted place to live that ISN’T this apartment.

Needless to say, at least it was a productive day.. I love the house.. 1900 square feet, 4 bed, 2 bath, on a pond.

On an even happier note, Mom and I finally got tickets to see Alex dance at Busch Gardens last night… Lots of fun, although VERY hot.

Can’t believe my baby brother is a performer, and a great one at that. I guess we always knew he would be happiest on the stage.. and I think 3 years now.. Amazing.

We had such a great time with Richard’s family at the River House, but a little sad that the pups weren’t allowed to come along.

We met everyone at the Chili’s on Friday night.

Richard caught a shark(!) while fishing on Saturday morning.

I had no interest in touching the thing, but Bailey wanted too!

We did take a ride into Tarpon Springs, and walked around for a little. We had dinner at Hella’s Restaurant, Delicious!

That night we went for a ride on the boat down the river and had a wonderful time, although we didn’t really get to see a sunset, the night was still lit up.

Sunday turned into a beautiful day too… we really thought it was going to rain all day, which would have been very depressing. Thankfully it didn’t and we had a wonderful day.

Kristin and Bailey

Smog on the river

Mama and Baby Manatees!

Richard and I

They also caught a crab, but no fish… so we had a smorgasbord of meats for dinner last night and helped to clean up the house before we headed home. It was nice to be back in my own bed and cuddle with the dogs. I missed having to share my lap with them!

DARE Doxie Calendar

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The doxie rescue group, DARE, that we got Oscar from is hosting a Calendar Contest, and Brisbee is getting her first chance at being in a calendar!

Please vote as often and as much as possible. All the money donated goes directly to doxie rescue!