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Posted: September 30, 2010 in House

Can you believe it??!?!?!?

I may still be in a state of shock… or maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet because I am not actually home. We own a home… we have a mortgage…oh. my. god. we are real grownups!! haha…

So, now I suppose I have to buckle down and actually pick crown molding, paint colors, a fence… I switched the electric over today, and the auto insurance..Still trying to figure out this Verizon stuff. Holey moley.

But, I will be asking the hubby for pictures. Yay!!


Hello all.

I think I have to apologize for not updating in weeks!! I can’t believe it has been that long. but the time has absolutely flown and life has been super busy.

Last weekend was a wonderful week, Mom came to town and we had a great week! She arrived Monday while the Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas was in town and we managed to get on board to have lunch. The ship is super pretty and I am super excited that it will be coming to Tampa next October. Crossing my fingers and hoping that I might have a chance to sail on her… We spent the week wandering around town, shopping, exploring the other side of the island, the Bass Harbor Head Light(house), and the sea wall.. I had to drop her off at the airport on Friday… very sad to make the trip back to Bar Harbor by myself. I really like having visitors!

The biggest news is probably that Richard had the first walk through on the house today! Very exciting! However, it turns out that there are quite a few things that need to fixed. The official closing date is going to be this Wednesday, the 29th. Fingers crossed that everything will continue as planned and the second walk through on Wednesday will be the last and final.

Counting down the days til I am home… and the time is absolutely flying because it is so darn busy up here! As of the last count, 16 ships and 13 pier days left! This year definitely feels like it is going much faster than last year did. However, I am grateful for the opportunity and can’t believe how lucky I am to be on vacation every day, in a beautiful place, even though I have to work…. It’s just an amazing experience.

Had a fabulously fantastic weekend!!

Picked Richard up from the Portland airport on Friday night… the flight landed just after 11pm.. so late! But, we managed to make it back to Bar Harbor without incident and collapsed into bed at the wonderful Ridgeway Inn, Breakfast was served the next morning, so we dragged ourselves out of bed..

Spent most of Saturday wandering throughout Acadia National Park, listening to an audio tour on a CD I purchased recently. It was super neat, we got to move at our own pace and learned quite a bit, it was a neat experience. I have some fabulous photos.. I will have to upload them tonight. Saturday afternoon we moved into the big house on Holland Avenue, which has a lot more room and space to spread out. Thankful that we could finally settle in.

I had to work a double ship day on Sunday.. but Richard came down to the pier with me and hung out, which was really good for me. It felt good to share a little of what I do.. and he was a trouper, meeting all the people I work with.. Love him!

We had decided earlier that we would drive to Boston on Sunday night, and after such a long day… he drove, and I slept. Doug, Monique’s husband, had been in town all week, he wanted to grill out.. so we joined the group for dinner which turned out great before we headed out.

Waking up in Boston on Monday morning was great. The weather was great and hooked up with Greg and Jessie to wander around town.. We checked out a really old cemetery, Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall, and some of the surrounding area… it was neat. There was a street performer who did a half hour show, which was pretty neat. The highlight of the trip was definitely the Rays/Red Sox game on Monday night! We had seats behind home plate and under the awning.. which was a little irritating, and the Rays lost, but, overall, it was fun!

Sadly, I had to drop Richard off at the Boston Logan Airport on Tuesday morning.. I miss him already! It was hard to drive away from the airport, knowing I had such a long drive ahead of me, and wishing he was still here to entertain me.. 😦

But, to take my mind off everything, I called up Uncle Billy. I stayed the night with his crowd (Heidi, Hannah, and 3 cats – I can’t remember their names – but they sure were cute!) Matt and Kelly came over for dinner, which was great.. I hadn’t seen Matt in what must be 7 or 8 years!! It was nice to catch up and here about what he has been up to lately.

I drove back to Bar Harbor today… the drive wasn’t to terrible.. I had several phone calls to entertain me and relieve the boredom.. And we moved forward with finding homeowners insurance.. I can’t believe that we are actually going to OWN a house!! Might have to take some suggestions/recommendations for paint color….

Getting back into the swing of life tomorrow, Holland America Eurodam is in town, and Mom arrives in 11 days!!

Definitely LOTS to catch up on!!

So, Dad left Bar Harbor on Friday.. it was a fun week. Between the lumberjack show, putt putt, go-karts.. I had a great time.

I had a really good time spending some time with him.. I learned a lot! For example, I had no idea that Dad actually knew what a library was, much less where one was. Turns out he likes to spend quite a bit of time there looking up information about golf courses and coins. Amazing.

We also worked on our puzzle.. which is turning into a ritual when he comes to visit in Bar Harbor, wish I had taken pictures!!

Back home, Richard and I went house hunting (well, house looking again) and found the house.. we were pre-approved for financing, found a layout we really like, have a view.. we signed the contract late last week and finished turning in all our paperwork for the financing on Monday.. Please pray that everything works out! Very exciting to think this is actually possible.. It is in Plant City, which is probably a little farther than I thought we might end up in originally, but we definitely get more house for the money, and it is brand new!! (With a view!!)

Last Friday I took the pups to the Al Lopez dog park for their doggy date with Freckles (and Alicia)…it was a little bit of a swampy day but I think they still had fun.

Richard and I had diner with Alex and Jessie at Kobe’s in Brandon.. which was a blast!! The chef wasn’t as funny as he could have been, but the food was still really good. Conversation was great, and it was nice to hang out with my brother… that hasn’t happened in a long time!!

My mother-in-law’s birthday was Saturday, August 28, and we went to the Texas Cattle Company in Lakeland for dinner and that was really good too.

I am back in Bar Harbor now… moved up officially yesterday with Brisbee at my feet. Mixed feelings about being back.. I absolutely love it here, but I am definitely going to miss a lot at home. I am super excited about everything going through with the house.. and a little disappointed I won’t be there to participate. I guess the bright side would be that I don’t have to participate in moving… yay!! hope nothing gets broken… ruh roh.

Settling into a fantastic little B&B for a few nights.. the little house we rented doesn’t take pets. I am enjoying vegging in front of the TV for sure.. but, I think it will be nice to have people around for the rest of the year though… That was certainly something that was hard to adjust to last year.

So, with Hurricane Earl in our midst, the Holland America Maasdam has cancelled for their Friday call… hoping that Richard will still be able to fly in without any issues… and that the schedules for Sunday won’t be wrecked, as we have tickets for the Monday night ball game in Boston… SO looking forward to the game!! Ready to spend a weekend with my hubby too..