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I think that currently, the best (and possibly only) way to describe the state of our new home… is that it is the better part of chaos…

Huge thank you to my Mom who has been coming over on her days off to help me sort through boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff.  I don’t know how all of it fit into the two tiny apartments we each had… It is amazing how life can overwhelm me, without even realizing it!  And amazing as well how much junk is involved.  I can’t get over it.  There is so much stuff here that should just be sent to the curb… mind you, a lot of it is stuff that have happy memories associated from years past… but, nonetheless, someone will be going through it when I die, and they will toss it.  What to do with it all????  Sorry to be a bit morbid… but, it is the truth!

Life has been wonderfully busy.  We are almost done putting my office together… I desperately need to get in and get all the paperwork organized, and convince my darling husband to put some more shelves up in the closet, but we are nearly there!  Below are some before and after pics… to give you a better idea.  But, keep in mind, Richard still needs to put up some crown molding (which has been purchased, and is sitting in the garage) and I HAVE to get the paperwork done.

I succeeded in my first attempt at painting.. and put up the first coat of “Surf Spray” blue paint in the bathroom… I am quite pleased with myself, however not so pleased that I now have to put a second coat on the walls.  My muscles ache, but I am pretty darn proud of myself!!

I will probably be doing the second coat tomorrow (please pray that it is the final coat) and hoping to put up all my decor on Tuesday… VERY excited.  Richard also redid our master bedroom closet, which now looks awesome!  It was originally set up as two single racks.. 8 foot and 4 foot I think… Now, it is definitely more friendly and I can hang a LOT of stuff up!

And buy more stuff too??!?  🙂

More pictures to come as the house starts to look better!


Happy Halloween!

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Bar Harbor, Holidays

End of Season/Halloween themed Parkside party in Bar Harbor:

Puppies for Halloween:

I can’t believe how this week seems to be moving along so quickly…

My flight to Tampa landed at about 6:30pm on Saturday.. Mom and Richard (and Oscar) met me at the airport.  Easy flights, no delays, thank God!

Richard and I came back to our new home, and it was the first time I walked in since we put the bid on the house!  Very exciting!  I made Richard carry me over the threshold, and we laughed the whole time.  It has been a week now since arriving home and I can’t believe it.  A lot has been accomplished, and there is still a ton more to do!  The office is the one (and only) room in the house that is anywhere near done.

Oh!  I forgot… we (by that, I mean Richard) installed a new shower head!  YAY!

Mom came over to visit a few times and helped me work through the hundreds (not really, just feels like it…) of boxes and we left a wonderful pile of trash for the garbage men.  Looking around, there are still to many boxes!  UGH.  I have the flu and a touch of bronchitis, according to the doctor, so I have been trying to get well.  I don’t think I moved on Tuesday.. I slept all day long.  But, I am definitely much better now than I have in days.

Richard and I took the dogs to Dox-a-Palooza at the Mango Seffner Dog Park.  It was super cute, a lot of doxies, but so cold.  I can’t believe how the weather is changing…

Aren’t the puppies super cute?!?!?