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Life over the past month has been very full… full of surprises, full of people, a full house…

Often, I feel like I am in a dream world, where my life is not really my own… we have been married almost 8 months, living in our house for almost 3 months… had a full house of guests for several weekends, hosted our first house party, and we are planning on hosting Christmas at our house this year.  It just seems so bizarre that life this year has flown by SO QUICKLY!  A year ago… I had no idea that this is where I would be now.

What is there to catch up on?  Thanksgiving was fun… we still don’t have any “real” furniture in the house, but I am so lucky, and thankful, that Mom is helping us out.  One of our guest bedrooms is now a replica of the bedroom I left behind… literally.  She gave us the bed, and I still had my furniture from my apartment days… kinda funny to see!  We used her old kitchen table, my kitchen table, and a lovely shade of blue folding table covered in tableclothes.. but we had a great Thanksgiving!  Huge thank you to Mom and my SIL, Kristin, who helped make it all happen.  The turkey was tender, there was plenty of leftovers and dessert finished a great night.

Richard and I went to work on the master bedroom and I love the color I picked.  There was a debate when the color first went up…. it was not a pleasant color, however, after drying it has really started to grow on me.  We, meaning Richard, still has to put the crown molding up, and I need to find something for the walls.  However, it is so nice not having white walls anymore!   The crown molding went up in the office, and it looks amazing.  I am so thrilled, I can’t believe how good it looks!

We had two invites to weddings for friends this month… James and Katie,, and Steve and Sandra.  Both brides looked amazing!  Katie chose the Italian Club, which is where church used to be held (we are in a new building now), and it was catered by Wayl of a Time… which is just an amazing menu, all the time.  Sandy’s was at Tradewinds Hotel in St. Pete.  (Which happens to be just down the road from where we got married!)  Mom joined me for Sandy’s wedding as Richard had to work.  Both weddings made me think back to my own… wow.

Company Christmas parties are also in high swing… MPI hosted their party last Friday… the owners catered in at their home and we had a great time with the White Elephant gift exchange, we brought lotto tickets… they were a hit!  My Christmas party will be this Wednesday night, we are meeting my boss and some colleagues in Orlando for a Texas de Brazil dinner.. can’t wait!  Meat on sticks, unlimited salad bar… yummy!

We hosted out first party last Saturday night… It was definitely super fun!  It started about 7pm… and I think I finally fell into bed about midnight… Richard made hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill.  Mom, Kristin and I put a ton of other stuff together… lasagna, spaghetti sauce croissants, cucumber sandwiches, cookies, cakes, punch… I ate so well!  Reid took our Christmas picture- which will be going out in the mail today (can you believe how late I am???) and we had great conversation.  It was fun to show off the house and spend some time with friends.

Lots to do, Christmas shopping has to get finished.  I can’t believe how late I am in doing this… I have never put it off so late!  Pictures to follow soon….