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Here I am, the end of the second week of January… and I can’t believe it is already 2011.

Two weeks ago I was jet-setting off to the great state of Maine.  And I got stuck in Bangor for an additional 15 hours while snow and ice in the rest of the country made travel impossible.  I had great plans to make it out of Bar Harbor, and needless to say… I spent my evening at the Manager’s Reception at the wonderful Sheraton Four Points instead.

Last week, I went down south to the wonderful world of Miami… needless to say, I didn’t spend any time partying.  But, we did have a rather nice dinner at the new restaurant, Truluck’s,

The next two weeks should be rather uneventful… there won’t be any traveling until February 5.  Yay!

We haven’t made any headway on the house… too busy with the rest of life.  I don’t think there hasn’t been anything else too exciting going on… Hopeful more exciting updates soon!



Posted: January 10, 2011 in House

And the best part of the end of the year — we purchased real furniture!  Super exciting.. although we had to much of the furniture together ourselves, it was well worth all of the money we saved and we got to spend some “quality” time together…

We still have so much work to do… however, it is so nice to have real furniture!

Thanksgiving… house decoration…would you believe I did not take photos of the TURKEY??? ARGH!!

Richard has always had a live tree… and we have always had an artificial one, so we went to Lowe’s (so wish we had one of those super cool Christmas tree farms in Florida!)…

We then headed home, with intentions to decorate the house too…. then I learned that the tree has to be set up in the stand and wait until the branches fall down.  Darn… So, the next day, we got to work on decorating…


We hosted our first Christmas party on Dec 18..

Christmas followed the next weekend… with a total of 11 for dinner!

And my birthday was the weekend following.. We had dinner at Kobe’s.. one of my favorites!