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Maritime ‘Emergency’ Set for May
Written by Robert Levin
Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 11:11 am
BAR HARBOR — Two cruise ship tenders traveling through heavy fog collide in the harbor, sending passengers overboard and badly injuring dozens.

No, this is not a psychic prediction. It is the scenario for a maritime mass rescue exercise slated to take place in Bar Harbor on Wednesday, May 18. Hundreds of U.S. Coast Guard personnel and cruise industry workers will join emergency responders from across Hancock County in the exercise, which is set up to satisfy Coast Guard and cruise ship training requirements.

Bar Harbor was chosen for the operation because of the high number of annual cruise ship visits and the importance of the cruise industry to the town’s economy, according to a memo from Fire Chief Dave Rand and Police Chief Nate Young.

The town council on Tuesday approved spending nearly $12,000 in cruise ship fee money to pay for overtime wages and supplies for the event. Councilors agreed that while the exercise is satisfying requirements for other organizations, it will directly benefit emergency workers here and elsewhere in Hancock County, as well as staff at area hospitals where the simulated victims will be taken for treatment.

“The beauty of us training with this mass casualty is that we can take a lot of the elements from this and move them to another incident,” Assistant Fire Chief Matt Bartlett said. “The preparation … is great for us across the board.”

Mr. Bartlett and police Sgt. Shaun Farrar have been the town’s primary planning representatives for the event. For the past year, they have met with representatives from the Coast Guard, the cruise industry, the Hancock County Emergency Management Agency, area hospitals and others to plan the exercise.

As described above, the emergency scenario involves the collision of  inbound and an outbound cruise ship tenders in the harbor off the town pier. Both tenders will be carrying 100 passengers. Approximately 75 will sustain injuries and/or end up overboard. Immediate responders will take command of the scene and, with the help of Good Samaritan vessels will begin to recover passengers and deliver them to the town pier. Ambulances will race through town.

“This exercise has multiple benefits. Hospitals will have the opportunity to exercise their mass casualty plans. The emergency services providers will be able to exercise their mass casualty plans, triage and treatment. The American Red Cross will set up a reception center. The USCG will exercise its search and rescue/maritime mass casualty plan. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines will exercise its emergency plans,” Chief Rand and Chief Young wrote.

Main Street from Newport Drive to West Street will be closed to traffic during the event, similar to the set-up on cruise ship days. Agamont Park also will be closed off to the public, open only to media personnel and VIPs, Sgt. Farrar said.

Up to 200 volunteers will be needed to take part in the event. Information about volunteering will soon be available at the town’s website at, Sgt. Farrar said. Volunteers will not be asked to enter the water.


We had a great night out with Reid and Wendy.  To change it up from the norm (of Olive Garden) we decided to venture out to Disney’s Boardwalk,, and we had a blast!!!

I haven’t been to Disney in quite a few years, I think the last time I was at the Boardwalk I was actually working for Disney.  Holey moley.  Anyway, we parked at one of the hotels and started to wander around… took lots of photos, as witnessed below, and found a little spot for dinner.  Definitely worth a repeat!

Mexican Cruise with Mom…

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Vacation

Mom and I just returned from a wonderful week on the east coast of Mexico.. on board the beautiful Radiance of the Seas!  It was great… the cruise left on Monday, and we had dinner with Staff Captain Malcolm one night, dinner with some Guest Service staff friends another, and lunch with Crew HR staff on another.. it was fabulous.  We went to Costa Maya and Cozumel, we spent A LOT of time walking, walking and more walking.  We had two great lunches on shore and spent a lot of time reading and laying out in the sun..

The last two weeks have been so busy, with travel between Opa Locka (in the Miami Lakes area) and back up to Bar Harbor, both for training to prepare for our Mass Rescue Exercise in May.  The exercise is in conjunction with US Coast Guard and other state and local authorities, and will test the emergency operations for many different agencies… Royal Caribbean is involved, hence, the reason I get to tag along.  The information is actually pretty interesting.. I am learning quite a bit about the standards that the Feds are requiring.

The project tonight will be looking at more travel plans.. for the rest of the summer and into the fall.  I can’t believe it is that time of year again!  I hope I will have visitors!

Alex has started dancing with the Florida State Fair again, and I am hoping for a chance to see him before the fair ends.  According to Mom, he is the only male dancer this year… how cool is that!  If I can get over, I will definitely post photos.

The puppy dogs have been doing well… Oscar is getting better and better every week with being a “normal” dog.  He has really calmed down quite a lot, and is getting better and better not being “naughty” in the house.  Brisbee will be attending “fat camp” at the end of the month with Grandma.  She has put on 6 pounds since we left Bar Harbor last October… and will need to lose the weight before she can travel again this year.  They are both getting their teeth cleaned next week too… yay for no more smelly breath!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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My wonderful hubby sent me a dozen red roses at work….. :D.