Labor Day 2011

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Bar Harbor, Once a week
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Topic #241:

Do you work too much or too little?

Today is Labor day in the United States, a national holiday for workers. It marks the end of summer, so for many it’s a last holiday out in the sun.

I suppose, if you talk to my husband, he would tell you that I don’t work enough… but, I would just like to kindly point out that he benefits from my salaried, work-from-home, position!  There is certainly a benefit in being able to answer the phone and emails from wherever I happen to be.. even if that means it is sometimes in the middle of a family gathering, and life in the cruise world hasn’t taken a break.

Our dogs benefit in not having to spend 8 hours a day in their crates, and the laundry is done at a time other than the weekend.  We all win!!

The perfect example is today, as I sit outside our lovely rented home in Bar Harbor, ME, with Brisbee exploring the fenced-in yard, a glass of wine by my side, and alternating between writing my post-a-week challenge and answering questions from the Maasdam about Crew Medicals.  Life can’t get much better.  😀

Life will certainly change as these next two months come about, as I will certainly be much busier than I am now.  So, hey, I’ll take the breaks when I can get them!!

  1. wendystains says:

    Post some ME pics soon!

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