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When you are having fun!!

What a busy weekend… although it did last about 5 days…

Started out with a trip to Medard Park, which was nothing compared to Acadia…. but, still a nice walk-around.

Medard Park

Richard headed out for work, in West Virginia, so the kids and I headed to Nan’s for a fun-filled weekend!
They were pooped by the end of our time there.

Brisbee, hunting lizards

Oscar, sniffing leaves



On Thursday, we headed out to Busch Gardens to see Alex perform in Dance to the Music.

Alex, with his partner

Alex, with partners

Mom, with the boys!

Saturday night rounded out the weekend, with an invitation to Anchor Ball 2011.  A great fundraiser put on by the Propeller Club of Tampa,  We were invited by the Ceres Global,, great guys from Tampa and Port Canaveral.  The night rounded out with a few adult beverages at Splitsville in Channelside,

The Ceres Gang:: Ryan, Frances, Tim, Mike



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Happy Halloweenie!

What a month it was!!

Well, Mom was in Bar Harbor for six days… and what a fun filled week it was!!  Can’t believe how quickly it passed… We hit the usual places, Geddy’s,, for a burrito and sangria (yummy!) and did a bit of bar hopping for drinks and apps… Galyn’s,, McKay’s,, and a few others.  Delicious!  We all, including Brisbee, went for what we thought was going to be a little traipse around the island…. we decided to stop for a bit of a walk, which turned into a hike, which turned into Brisbee needing a bath!!  Stinky!!  But, it was fun, and the first time I had seen Long Pond, beautiful.  Saturday night included a drive out to Bangor for an Octoberfest party hosted by the CBP supervisor, John, and his wife, Darnel.  It was a super neat idea, everyone picked a country and brought a dish and beer from that country.  Of course, I picked Ireland, I have a great connection!

I definitely felt the need to “do” more before leaving Bar Harbor, and I hit multiple stops!  The first was a hike with roommate Courtney, and it turned into quite a lengthy one.  We parked out past Compass Harbor (my home away from home three years ago) and traveled up the Orange and Black Path, to Champlain North Ridge Trail, and to the top of Champlain Mountain, 1058 feet up!  It was absolutely amazing.  The view.  That is all I can say.  The view, it was totally worth it.  The next day, we jumped on board the Bar Harbor Whale Watch and went for probably one of the most amazing whale watching trips EVER.  We went to Egg Rock first, which had tons of seals, and we journeyed ever so slightly (east, I think) away, and found Victim, and her calf.  The best part::  the double breach.  Wicked awesome.  Totally made the trip.  They both played with the boat for what seemed like forever, and were showing off, headstands, breaching eight times in a row, etc.  Wicked cool.  The next week, Brisbee and I ventured off for what turned into a five mile hike along the carriage roads.  I parked near the visitor center and we hoofed it from there, more beautiful views of Frenchman’s Bay and the fall leaves.

Saturday night, before my departure, was the Parkside Restaurant closing party- luau style!  I had been sick with a head cold for about four days by this time, so I didn’t stay too long…. only long enough to say my goodbye’s and I headed for the hills.

Brisbee and I headed for Portland Airport on Tuesday morning, and as usual, it was bittersweet.  I am always so excited to get home, but I miss Bar Harbor.  The people.  The pace.  And I look forward to what next year brings!