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What a lovely week in Beantown…. the weather was spectacular, the friends were fabulous..

I headed down on Sunday night after work, and arrived in enough time to miss dinner.  We headed out to find some adult beverages, in Shenannigan’s,, the martinis were wicked good.. and it was decided (as it was the only place open…) that dinner would be pizza, from  We took it to go and headed back to the apartment… all I can recall is that the pizza was really good, and I slept like a rock!

On Monday, courtesy of a colleague, the girls and I headed out on a Duck and Trolley tour, and took a dip in the Boston Harbor!


On Tuesday, I headed out with Joanne to the Carnival Glory, making their first call of the season into Boston… had the opportunity to meet new people and see old friends.. well worth it!


And on Wednesday, the highlight was the Boston Red Sox game!  Even though the Sox lost, it was neat to be in Fenway Park,  Before the game, Brisbee and I headed down to Sullivan’s,, for lunch… it was a gorgeous sight!  The water was just so pretty, and Brisbee enjoyed the french fries!



The following Sunday, I met Joanne in Portland as the Carnival Glory was calling on Monday.. we had dinner at Longhorn’s, delicious!

pwm glory


What a fun week!


April Showers?  May Flowers!

Birthdays in April certainly top the list of events this month…. Alex on 4/13, my father in law on 4/17, Richard on 4/23, Mom on 4/26.. dinners at some fabulous places, Kobes, Texas Cattle Co… yummy!  Lots of balloons, presents and being with family.  Lots of fun.

Our 2nd anniversary on 4/30… a (somewhat) surprise weekend in Orlando and at the beach.. Dinner on Friday night at Thai House of Orlando, Sea World (thanks to Alex for the passes!), and dinner at Bongo’s Cuban Cafe in Downtown Disney on Saturday.  We decided to pick up the dogs from Nan’s early and head out to Fort DeSoto to play at the dog beach in Sunday.  Richard’s parents met us in Fort DeSoto for dinner, at Billy’s StoneCrab.  The food wasn’t half bad, but the service was awful!  Overall, the weekend was lots of fun and a really great way to reconnect.

The season in Boston started up mid-month.  I flew into Boston and we headed to Gloucester for a site inspection, and we were treated to lunch in Gloucester at the Seaport Grill, which was fantastic food.  We did a quick drive along the coastline and saw the Eastern Point Lighthouse.  We then stopped in Salem for about an hour, not nearly enough time, but definitely a place I will go back to!  On Saturday, we headed out to Martha’s Vineyard, for the Balmoral.  Such a beautiful place, even though the season hadn’t really started up yet.  The trip out was truly a planes, trains and automobiles experience..

To get to Martha’s Vineyard, I was driven to Woods Hole, took a ferry across to Vineyard Heaven, and caught a cab to the other side of the island.  We got there super early, and on recommendations from the locals, we headed for breakfast at Linda Jean’s Restaurant.  It was a fantastic place, great food and service, and apparently a staple on the little island.  The Balmoral finally arrived and we got the day started, headed out to the ship and met several folks, and got a tour of the vessel.  It is an old NCL vessel but they really have done some great work on the inside and spruced it up!  Lunch was to be had ashore, Sharky’s Cantina,, it was fantastic… the burritos were huge!!  The ship sailed and we headed back to Boston.

The Enchantment of the Sea’s had the first call in Boston, and it was quite an overnight experience.  With multiple issues it made an already long call into two really long days…. but, we got all the problems resolved and they sailed, only 30 minutes late, hallelujah!

Rolling into May now, first call in Bar Harbor for the Maasdam was on May 3.  Great day overall, the weather held out (thank God!), and dinner with friends made this quick trip fantastic!  Back in Boston for the second call of the Enchantment next week and taking a weekend to hang out with family in Dover.  Looking forward to the month ahead!

8, 6, 4, 3, 294!

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Bar Harbor, Boston, Vacation

8 days, 6 flights, 4 states, 3 ship days, 294 steps (up, then 294 down!)  As I sit here, enjoying my glass of wine…. I share…

These last 8 days have seen many numbers.. I can’t believe I have successfully made all 6 flights, been in 4 different states, had 3 somewhat hectic ship days, and climbed 294 steps to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument!

Weekend started early with a flight on Friday (July15) to Bar Harbor.. the ship, Enchantment, was actually Sunday.. so I ended up with an extra day to putter around town.  I headed over to a colleagues home, in Southwest Harbor, and really enjoyed myself!  You should see the view from the deck, it’s amazing.  Overlooks Somes Sound and Northeast Harbor, I don’t think it gets any better.

Saturday (July 16) was spent in Downtown Southwest Harbor, for the annual Flamingo Festival,, with a sighting of the creator of the plastic pink flamingo, Don Featherstone!  It was great.  I love seeing all these little towns come together to celebrate and really enjoying how everyone knows everyone else.  We went for lunch at the Claremont Inn, in the Boathouse Restaurant,, which overlooked Somes Sound and we happened to catch the beginning of the Friendship sloop races,  These boats were the original lobstering boats and it was just amazing to see white sails and different colored hulls running around the harbor.  We then headed out to “camp,” which is a beautiful cabin on the lake and spent some time enjoying the water, and headed back into Ellsworth for dinner at a new Asian restaurant, Shinbashi, delicious!

Sunday (July 17) was a work day… the Enchantment of the Seas, easy day, nothing to exciting..

Monday – Thursday (July 18-21) was a flight to Boston, walking the last third of the Freedom Trail, climbing the Bunker Hill Monument,, and meeting up with a colleague from Miami, Joanne, for the Enchantment in Boston!  Very busy!

My wonderful uncle and godfather, Billy, picked me up in Boston on Tuesday night and brought me back to Dover, NH, to spend the day with his family.  We headed out to Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, and it was beautiful.  We spent hours… and saw skunk, bobcat, mountain lion, white tail deer, otter, and wandered along the Ecotone Trail.  It was neat to see these animals up close and find that most of the these animals are at the Nature Center due to the carelessness of humans.

Friday was the wonderful Maasdam in Bar Harbor, although a very busy day for me.  The vessel is headed out on a 35 day cruise nicknamed the “Viking Cruise,” because it is along the lines of the original trail the Vikings took.  I didn’t stop running all day, and slept very well on Friday night.  Came home to Plant City today… so happy to be climbing into my own bed tonight!

Excited about the next flight on the calendar… headed to ALASKA!!  Cruising on the Radiance of the Seas, courtesy of the Staff Captain.  Richard and I are headed out on Thursday, July 28 for a one week cruise from Seward to Vancouver, Mom will meet us in Vancouver to switch places with Richard and we will head back up to Seward.  Really looking forward to a great time, and crossing #22 off my bucket list!

18 – 21 June:  Although a work sanctioned trip, Heather and I had a blast!

Although a very quick trip to Boston, we squeezed so much into the 2.5 days we had.  By the time we finally arrived and got settled into the hotel, and catnapped, we finally headed out to the area around Boston University.  We picked up tickets to see “Marina and the Diamonds,” at the Paradise Rock Club, which turned out to be a cool little venue!    We headed across the street after the show for a bite to eat, and found Sunset Cantina, which had some awesome sangria.  The best part about Boston has to be the availability of public transportation.  I could not believe the ease of getting around town!!

Tuesday was the start of our touristy experience!  We headed into the area of Boston Common, and started out with the Massachusetts State House and the Freedom Trail.  The architecture that is found in Boston is unbelievable.  I was amazed at the time and energy and history that is in the buildings around the city.  Over several hours, we made our way through the first eleven sites of the Trail, from the Commons to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market.  We found some pretty amazing old churches, that stood as pillars in the community for many years, and were the sites of many firsts,  Really neat to be standing where history stood!

From that area, we walked to Long Wharf, Harbor Walk and the North End.  The Long Wharf area has an amazing view of the harbor, and we found a great restaurant, Joe’s American Bar & Grill, where adult beverages were consumed and people watching commenced.   Dinner was at an amazing little Italian restaurant, that I can’t recall the name of, and of course, we hit up Mike’s Pastry,  AH-MA-ZING!

Wednesday was rainy, but still fun.  First on the itinerary was Boston Public Library,  It was so unlike what I expected for a library… I probably would have spent more time at USFs’ library, if it loked like this one did!  The stained glass, murals, and the architecture was really unusual with lots of history, and then walk out onto the Courtyard.  I could study there forever.   After the library, we hopped on the Upper Deck Trolley Tours bus, which was a narrated tour of the city..  it was much easier to get around than by foot, especially with the weather being unpredictable.  We finished the day at the JFK Presidential Library and Museum,, which was a lot larger and full of more information than I expected.  It was neat to follow his path from being a teenager through his death and to learn how much he was involved in and created or supported the startup of.  For example, the first man went to the moon while he was in office, mental retardation was looked at with more sympathy and research began, rather than just putting those who were sick in homes or hospitals, the Berlin Wall came down, and the Peace Corps was put into play.

Below is a short slideshow of the trip!

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Can’t believe the Bar Harbor season is starting already!!  It seems like I just packed up and moved home, to a new house… and a new ship in Tampa.  Holey Moley.

I just spent last week traipsing up the New England coast.. flying into Providence RI on Tuesday night, and taking a shuttle to Newport RI.  Worked a full day, then hitched a ride with a co-worker up to Gloucester MA,  found out the ship was canceled due to some pretty dense fog (but wandered around the little town while he had a meeting) and then traipsed another 6 hours or so up to Bar Harbor ME.  What a week.  I have about enough time in the car to last me the rest of the year, but, I can’t help it… I love the work, and the travel.  The travel bug has DEFINITELY bit me hard.  :0)

Bar Harbor had the most amazing weather…. I was still wearing two layers, but the sun was out.  And it was gorgeous.

I flew home on Saturday morning, went to directly to the pier in Tampa to see off the Radiance… I really enjoyed working with everyone on board, and I think we had a magnificent season.  I know December and January were tough…. but I really made some great friends.  :0)

April 30 — we celebrated one year of marriage!!  I can’t believe how the time has flown.. It is amazing to think of all of the things we have experienced together, as a married couple… and I can’t believe it has all happened in such a short period of time.  From January of 201o to the current, we have:  gotten engaged, gotten married, adopted a doxie, bought a house, moved into the house.. talk about a bucket list, right?  Wow.

This week, Richard had enough time to take a break from work… much needed of course… we spent Monday in Orlando, playing at the Bass Pro Shop, lunch at Fuddruckers, wandered around WonderWorks, and went to a comedy show.. pretty great day.  Tuesday was another day out on the bay with me and the dogs.. and he spent another day out there today, alone this time.  Yesterday was a hang around the house day… and who knows what’s on the list for tomorrow… I am just glad he had been able to take some time off.

So, Happy Cinco de Mayo!

New updates…

Thursday was a very busy in Boston, the Grandeur was in and even before arriving we had a slew of problems. Needless to say, it was a very long day and I was grateful that they had decided to sail earlier than planned.

Dinner on Wednesday night was at Salvatore’s in Boston, the food was amazing. Thursday night’s dinner was at Legal’s Test Kitchen.. again, fantastic food. I drove home late Thursday night, but it was nice to be in my own bed.

Friday I spent recovering from a busy week, and I went up to The Parkside Restaurant to help out as a hostess for about four and a half hours. I had a really good time, and felt like I was part of society again. Conversation with people, and not just my dog, was refreshing… and I got paid in cash and a free dinner!

Saturday was pretty much the same, did some time at the restaurant again. Not to much exciting during the day.

Today I have spent cleaning house, doing laundry, cutting the dog’s nails, made lunch, all those fun things I haven’t done in a while. 🙂

Long day… Ready for Boston

Posted: August 19, 2009 in Boston

So a really long day of driving, but I finally made it to Boston tonight.

I had a slew of errands to run and managed to get them all done before leaving Bar Harbor, and sadly, had to drop Heather off at the Portland airport on my way down.

I am in the Boston apartment now, and ready to get started with the day tomorrow… Should be interesting as it is the Grandeur, which I am always very excited to see, however, they are experiencing some difficulties with propulsion at the moment. They will hopefully be in by 8:00 in the morning although they will have to leave an hour earlier, at 4:00 in the afternoon.

I am debating sticking around for another night, guess we should just see how the day pans out!

Hitting the sheets, night!