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Pool Par-tay!

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Dogs, Family Fun, Friends, Tampa
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Yesterday, we headed over to a friends’ house for some super relaxing BBQing and pool time… what fun it was!  Both pups were exhausted at the end of the day..

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What a month March was!  We headed out to both the Lakeland and Tampa Airports for some very different, and very fun, planes!

The Lakeland Airport was first, on March 3… a remote control jet airplane show… so neat!  Amazing that these little planes cost so much to build… thankful it was a beautiful day, and we had some friends meet up with us as well.  I think Richard was amazed at these planes… they are quite larger (and much more expensive!) than his little hobby. 🙂


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On March 22, we headed over to the MacDill Air Force Base, to check out Airfest 2014!  After a three year absence, the Thunderbirds came back to Tampa.  The show was packed with military aircraft, warbirds, military vehicles, equipment from all military branches, along with the displays of the incredible aviation and ground equipment of the bay area’s local law enforcement.

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And a short video… sorry it’s shaky, the sun was so bright!

What a day Monday was!  Blessed to spend the day with two awesome ladies, my sister-in-law Kristin, and cousin-in-law Jenna, and their little people, what fun we had!

Arriving at Rainbow River about noon, we headed out on the four hour float.. which actually took us about five and a half hours.  It was bliss, and with alternating between sun and clouds, it wasn’t too hot, and we were really able to enjoy the cool spring water.  It’s been years since I was tubing… and it was so fun to make some new memories.  I wish Richard and the other boys could have been there to join us, but there is always next time!

Some snaps:

SO… after what feels like months of planning… Uncle Billy’s Super Secret 50th Birthday Bash went off without a hitch!  (well, maybe just some small hitches…)

Alex flew up on Tuesday night before the party, and we had some great plans…  Wednesday was a late morning sleeping in, and lots of rain, we took a drive thru Acadia National Park and bummed around town.

Thursday was an exciting day!  #46 on my bucket list was accomplished… ROCK CLIMBING!!  I have been driving by the Atlantic Climbing School for the last five seasons in Bar Harbor, just waiting on the opportunity (and someone who is willing) to go climbing!  It was absolutely exhilarating and exhausting..

Everyone else started to come into town on Friday…. I went off to work, and Alex went up to the airport to collect Mom.  Everyone else was driving in… arriving between 6:00 and 6:30pm.  My stomach had butterflies.. so excited!!!   The timing was close… Uncle Billy was under the impression he was coming up to the spend the weekend with Dad and I.. Aunt Heidi was in on the BIG secret…. everyone had met at Rupununi’s,, on the back deck… and hid away, waiting for Uncle Billy’s grand entrance!  You can watch the grand entrance by clicking on this link.  It was so awesome that everyone came together to celebrate Billy’s 50th birthday!  Later that night, we headed down to Cottage St. Pub, a hole in the wall in town, but a fabulous little pub!

Saturday morning came early…. plans had been altered many times over the weeks leading up to the Birthday Bash Weekend, but ultimately, we headed out on the 12noon Whale Watch with Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company,  This was when the most major of the hitches occurred…. apparently, the Voltz’s are subject to motion sickness… quite a few of the folks on board experienced sickness… but, overall, I think we saw 9 whales, 2 lighthouses, seals, puffins, seagulls, otters, and it was very cool!  Aunt Debbie was contracted to provide some Team Voltz shirts, which we all wore while on the cruise!

And Saturday night was THE Big Event.  Hosted at CherrySTONES Restaurant,, and the amazing cake was made by Morning Glory Bakery,, the one of the highlights had to the gag gifts… no real/regular gifts were allowed, and everyone came thru!  Hilarious items such as a huge universal remote control, a bed pan, an old wind bag, hemorrhoid cream, a 50-count bag of marbles, and other hilarious items added to the laughter.

What a weekend!

Like a whirlwind, but with some awesome memories, and of course, lots of good fun.

Mom and I headed to Washington DC last Thursday, and spent two days walking MILES!!!  Luckily, we hit the  Cherry Blossom Festival,, which was unbelievable.  It was so pretty, words can’t even describe.  We were so blessed to have beautiful weather, not too hot and not too cold, and no rain.  The blossoms were amazing, and we were there two days after the “peak” day.  We also found some really great restaurants and bars in our travels, Guapo’s,, which was right near our hotel was phenomenal Mexican food, Fado Irish Bar,, right in the middle of DC’s Chinatown,,_D.C.)!!  We spent almost a whole day shopping (:D) and found some pretty spectacular deals, and a nice variety we don’t typically get in our shops in Florida.  Chevy’s., was lunch, and yet another Irish bar for dinner,, although this bar had brown bread (just like in Ireland!!) and amazing smashed carrot, parsnip and turnip medley… just like Mama makes!  Our waitress was so cool, and gave us extra brown bread… talk about a yummy brekkie!  Lunch before the flight home was at Busboys and Poets,, great turkey and cheese sambo!

Dawn’s wedding was on Saturday, 13 July, and we had a great time.  Mom and I played around with the camera after getting dressed up, and got some really great shots!  Dawn looked like an absolute princess, and Scott cleans up pretty nice, I am so happy for them, and excited we were able to participate in their special day!

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Alex’s birthday celebration was last night at Kobe’s (where it is every year…) and again, it was full of friends, family and fun!

Lunch w/ Wonderful Friends

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Friends
Monique, Chloe, & Me!

Monique, Chloe, & Me!

What an amazing wedding, Alli made a beautiful bride, and Andrew was such a sweet groom!



And Alex choreographed an awesome dance for the groomsmen, hilariously funny!  Wishing many happy years to the sweet couple!