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What a month March was!  We headed out to both the Lakeland and Tampa Airports for some very different, and very fun, planes!

The Lakeland Airport was first, on March 3… a remote control jet airplane show… so neat!  Amazing that these little planes cost so much to build… thankful it was a beautiful day, and we had some friends meet up with us as well.  I think Richard was amazed at these planes… they are quite larger (and much more expensive!) than his little hobby. 🙂


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On March 22, we headed over to the MacDill Air Force Base, to check out Airfest 2014!  After a three year absence, the Thunderbirds came back to Tampa.  The show was packed with military aircraft, warbirds, military vehicles, equipment from all military branches, along with the displays of the incredible aviation and ground equipment of the bay area’s local law enforcement.

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And a short video… sorry it’s shaky, the sun was so bright!


Learning to shoot….

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Lakeland

What a weekend!

Richard took me out to an old family friend’s farm, and started the process of teaching me how to shoot his guns.  My father-in-law was already out there, and joined us as we shot at paper targets, oranges, shaving cream cans and an old watch.  We dropped some oranges in the man made lake too, and practiced aiming.











What an awesome day in Lakeland!  Richard and I spent the day with Reid and Wendy (of and and had a picture taking lesson around the gorgeous lakes of Lakeland.

A bit of a crazy day today… headed into the office hoping to clear up some of the remaining season stuff… I did get quite a bit done, minus the SEVEN pieces of luggage left over by some not-so-smart people who believe that they don’t need to bring home all their own crap! Oh well…

So, headed home and I get this crazy message from our friend/realtor telling me to call him… I did… and come to find out… the bank changed their minds…

At the beginning of last week, we found out that the bank’s appraiser would like to have a bid of at least $130,000 or more… So, we were okay with this (as I think I covered in a prior post) and we had moved on… found an apartment in Lakeland about 30 seconds from Richard’s work, cheap rent, large space, etc. and we were happy about all of the decisions. Well, the bank decided today that they would like to accept our offer, of $105,000, and we are SO EXCITED! Mind you, I am also scared to death and shocked that the bank came through…

Countdown is on.. 11 days til the big day! Ready to see everyone (prayers go out that the European family can fly!) and the honeymoon!!!