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What a wonderful week of Christmas!  Christmas Day turned into a full week for us… and it was awesome!

The highlight was certainly having everyone in New York City together, and, even though it didn’t snow, it was still a great time.  We did so much, and yet, still didn’t accomplish all we had set our sights on.

We flew up on Sunday, Christmas Day (a first for me, NO ONE in the airport!), and while everyone headed to the hotel to rest and relax, Richard and I headed to Times Square.  We went to dinner at Wall and Water,  The dinner was okay, it turned out to be a buffet, and only beer and wine was available, but, we made the best of it.  Mom had a great gift exchange idea, and before we left Tampa, we all got assigned another person to by a $15 gift for.  That turned out to be pretty funny.  Alex forgot to buy Richards’ gift, and ended up with cash wrapped in tissue paper, wrapped in a shower cap.

Richard and I, NYC Times Square

On Monday, we headed to the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Museum,  It was a super neat experience, that was actually housed on an aircraft carrier, and we got to see a lot of different aircraft.  We even got a guided tour on a Concorde!  That night we had tickets for the Rockettes, which was a wicked amazing show!  It was super neat to finally see a show that is such an iconic part of Christmas in the City.


Inside the Concorde

Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Tuesday was a trip to the World Trade Center Site, which is now a site of hope, instead of despair.  It is amazing how the construction has been coming along… Mom, Richard and I were in NYC for Thanksgiving two years ago, and it didn’t look like much had been happening.  It was pretty neat, Alex had a hotel room overlooking the site, on the 53rd floor of the Millennium Hilton.  To see the site at night was pretty amazing, the buildings had all the floors lit with different lights and the memorial pools were beautiful.

In front of the Memorial Pools

1 WTC, the Freedom Tower

Memorial Pools, at night

We sprinkled in a little bit of shopping, checking out the windows on Fifth Avenue, and taking pictures with all of the amazing sidewalk displays.  And sadly, Wednesday, we headed home.  It was quite a tragedy getting back to Tampa, but I will have to save that for a post all on its’ own!

along Fifth Ave, Christmas Lights...

and Christmas Tree Ornaments...

and beautifully decorated windows!


Holy moley. I can’t believe it… the time has flown and I only have about five and a half weeks left til I am home in Tampa!

I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to update my blog.. for anyone who is actually following along, and for myself. The past ten days or so have been a blur. The days have been absolutely packed with ships and the nights are packed with paperwork. We are coming up on the end of the fiscal year for the accounting team, so of course, we all have to be on our best behavior and get everything turned in as quickly (and accurately) as possible.

Although super busy, it really has been fun. I can’t believe the number of people that I have interacted with, the number of ships that have come in, and left, without too much trouble… It has been absolutely crazy. My mobile is on the blitz, so I think that has been the most frustrating thing that I have been dealing with, and I lost cable, internet and my home phone for a while today but overall, I am still content.

I can hear the wind starting to pick up tonight. We have been lucky with somewhat decent days, only one that was miserably cold, but Monday and Tuesday were just fantastic. I think my blood is thickening up! I still have to wear jeans, but a short sleeve shirt has been getting me by. If the wind keeps up, it will be a cold one tomorrow!! I can’t remember if I have mentioned before, we are supposed to have snow next month, so I guess I’ll see how that works out. My biggest fear… having to drive in it!! I guess I could walk, but a little over a mile would be a long way to go…

Anything else exciting?? Hmmm… I have put a few nights hostessing in at The Parkside, nice to have a few extra bucks cash and the conversation… nothing to exciting there. That, however, is super nice after dealing with crazies all day at the pier. I don’t understand why older people feel that it would be a good idea for them to try and climb all over the top of Cadillac Mountain… granted, there is a good sidewalk, but it is not meant for those who can barely walk to begin with!!

I have spent a fair amount of time getting to know all the nurses at the hospital, glad I am not a patient for sure!!

As for now.. ship tomorrow, the Celebrity Constellation. This should be fun as it is their first call here, looking forward to meeting new faces and checking out another new ship. I think it will be a smaller one, which is nice, I don’t get quite so lost. We are going to have an interesting situation with a couple who got off in Portland today and think they are getting back on in Bar Harbor tomorrow… Sadly, it is a “Jones Act” violation (nothing to exciting, just not allowed to get off in one US port and back on in another) and I am going to have to deal with them and whatever CBP officer gets involved. Fingers crossed they understand that they were already warned, and they choose to ‘accidentally’ miss the ship anyway.

Oh! Other big news, we are planning our trip to New York City for Thanksgiving. Should be loads of fun, I am really looking forward to it. I can’t decide if I am hoping for snow or not… it usually isn’t too bad as a visitor, definitely better than the rain… I guess we will have to wait and see! (Another reason to count down… Richard’s coming along! Yay!) But the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be a highlight, as will the skating rink in front of Rockefeller Center!!

Off to bed for now, will hopefully remember to check in for the future!