Our Dogs

Brisbee – a 10 year old doxie beagle mix that rescued me at a mere 10 weeks old!  she is the ‘queen of sheba’ and happy to oblige..
she certainly has my heart and will always be that ‘special’ little pup to me..

Oscar – a 8 year old standard doxie that came into our hearts on July 23, 2010 via DARE doxie rescue.. he is still learning the ropes but settling in just great!

These two have just been so much fun.. Brisbee is far more active now, and Oscar is still such a puppy in so many ways.  Oscar came to us with a limited history.. from what we know, he was in a home with 10 other dogs.  Frankie and Oscar (formerly Mickey) were the only two dachshunds in the group, and they may have been backyard breeder dogs.  He has been adjusting to life with us and living with a loving family.  We are still working on a few things, but life has been fun!  

Some new photos…

And more recent photos…

  1. Jackie says:

    Such a lovely family , these two are lucky to have you and Richard

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