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What an awesome week!  This will be another one of those multi-part posts, as there is just too much fun to share!

This years’ 10 week stint in Bar Harbor started on August 15, and it was a busy three day double ship weekend… Uncle Billy and Co. headed up to spend the weekend with me, and we had a great time.  So many pictures… best way to share the fun!!


Saturday, August 17, was awesome… we finally had the opportunity to take our biplane ride!  After watching Richard and his father take their trip, I was soooo excited to go myself!  Nervous, as I didn’t truly know what to expect.. we climbed into the plane, snapped and tightened our seatbelts, and put on those headsets, just like you see in the movies!   We had a 20 minute or so ride ahead of us…  and it was so amazing to see the island and the harbor from the air!  It’s amazing to compare all of the different perspectives.. from the end of the dock, to the bridge of a cruise ship, to a bird’s eye view!  We flew over Bar Harbor, Winter Harbor, Prospect Harbor, multiple lighthouses, Frenchman’s Bay, and Acadia National Park.  We could see Cadillac Mountain and Eagle Lake… it was just amazing!  I think my jaw was on the floor most of the trip.. so incredible…


Saturday night, we headed out to the Great Maine Lumberjack Show.   Dad and I have been multiple times in years past, and it’s always lots of fun.  Timber Tina, who owns the show, was in the show that night, and it was as funny as always.  About halfway through, the kids get a chance to go up on the stage and try their hand at the crosscut saw!  Hannah seemed to really enjoyed it, and was awarded a certificate of participation for her efforts. 


What a busy weekend the 19th of July was!

The Governor for the State of Maine, Gov. LePage, graced Bar Harbor with his presence and enjoyed a tour of the ship and bridge and attended a luncheon hosted by the Captain and other officers on board the MS Maasdam.

The local paper noted the story:

And it was mentioned on the Holland America Blog:

I was lucky enough to be invited out on the Pilot Boat, to see the MS Maasdam out of the harbor on both Friday and Sunday this particular weekend…. and what fun it was!!  Unfortunately, I did not have my camera handy on Friday… but I definitely had a full battery on Sunday!!

So…. the saga of the Vaughan’s in Bar Harbor continues…  My in-laws left on Friday…..

Richard and I had the opportunity on Saturday morning to do a little bit more exploring in the local area over the weekend…

He’s never had the chance to see more of Maine, as his visits were always shorter, and I always have to work on Fridays and Sundays.  So… we headed DownEast, and explored the Penobscot Bay Region… the Penobscot Narrows Observatory,, it was awesome!  We took a self-guided tour around Fort Knox, and then headed 420 feet straight up!  A one-minute ride took us up the tallest public bridge observatory in the world!  It was really pretty!!

We headed a little further DownEast into Belfast for dinner at the Weathervane Seafood Restaurant,, on the water.  It was a great night, though the restaurant staff left a little something to be desired…. the food and view were worth it.

After dinner we headed back to Bar Harbor, and connected with some friends for the evening, we had drinks at Side Street Cafe, and Richard experienced what little night life Bar Harbor offers, at the Dog and Pony,  It was entertaining if nothing else, although we didn’t stay long.

On Sunday, I had to work, so Richard took advantage of his “vacation” and slept all day!!

Monday meant back to Tampa, so we headed out to Cottage St Bakery to fuel up on blueberry pancakes, and then began our lazy venture into Bangor.  Side note…. we stopped at G.M. Pollack and Sons Jewelry… Richard bought me TWO beautiful rings, both with my birthstone… 🙂

SO… after what feels like months of planning… Uncle Billy’s Super Secret 50th Birthday Bash went off without a hitch!  (well, maybe just some small hitches…)

Alex flew up on Tuesday night before the party, and we had some great plans…  Wednesday was a late morning sleeping in, and lots of rain, we took a drive thru Acadia National Park and bummed around town.

Thursday was an exciting day!  #46 on my bucket list was accomplished… ROCK CLIMBING!!  I have been driving by the Atlantic Climbing School for the last five seasons in Bar Harbor, just waiting on the opportunity (and someone who is willing) to go climbing!  It was absolutely exhilarating and exhausting..

Everyone else started to come into town on Friday…. I went off to work, and Alex went up to the airport to collect Mom.  Everyone else was driving in… arriving between 6:00 and 6:30pm.  My stomach had butterflies.. so excited!!!   The timing was close… Uncle Billy was under the impression he was coming up to the spend the weekend with Dad and I.. Aunt Heidi was in on the BIG secret…. everyone had met at Rupununi’s,, on the back deck… and hid away, waiting for Uncle Billy’s grand entrance!  You can watch the grand entrance by clicking on this link.  It was so awesome that everyone came together to celebrate Billy’s 50th birthday!  Later that night, we headed down to Cottage St. Pub, a hole in the wall in town, but a fabulous little pub!

Saturday morning came early…. plans had been altered many times over the weeks leading up to the Birthday Bash Weekend, but ultimately, we headed out on the 12noon Whale Watch with Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company,  This was when the most major of the hitches occurred…. apparently, the Voltz’s are subject to motion sickness… quite a few of the folks on board experienced sickness… but, overall, I think we saw 9 whales, 2 lighthouses, seals, puffins, seagulls, otters, and it was very cool!  Aunt Debbie was contracted to provide some Team Voltz shirts, which we all wore while on the cruise!

And Saturday night was THE Big Event.  Hosted at CherrySTONES Restaurant,, and the amazing cake was made by Morning Glory Bakery,, the one of the highlights had to the gag gifts… no real/regular gifts were allowed, and everyone came thru!  Hilarious items such as a huge universal remote control, a bed pan, an old wind bag, hemorrhoid cream, a 50-count bag of marbles, and other hilarious items added to the laughter.

The last few days have been beautiful!  The weather has been spectacular…. and the fun has been just that, so much fun!!

Thursday…. Brisbee and I headed down to Salisbury Cove….



That evening, I headed to Southwest Harbor, where a good friend was in his debut art show!



Today… Brisbee and I went to Eagle Lake,  There is a 6 mile Carriage Rood that goes around the lake, and we walked it… needless to say, she is passed out on the couch, and I am just exhausted!


Our next adventure starts tomorrow afternoon…. we are headed to Boston!

Sunset in Bar Harbor

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After a week of gray… the skies were beautiful tonight!

Maybe not so much in the weather…. still overcast or raining, cold, and really, just yucky out.  however, when family comes to visit, it always lifts my spirits!  We headed out and around, trying to make the best of the bad weather… Friday night was LOTS of catching up, Saturday was Sand Beach and Thunder Hole, in Acadia National Park, and a trip on the Nature Cruise, courtesy of the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company,!