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April Showers?  May Flowers!

Birthdays in April certainly top the list of events this month…. Alex on 4/13, my father in law on 4/17, Richard on 4/23, Mom on 4/26.. dinners at some fabulous places, Kobes, Texas Cattle Co… yummy!  Lots of balloons, presents and being with family.  Lots of fun.

Our 2nd anniversary on 4/30… a (somewhat) surprise weekend in Orlando and at the beach.. Dinner on Friday night at Thai House of Orlando, Sea World (thanks to Alex for the passes!), and dinner at Bongo’s Cuban Cafe in Downtown Disney on Saturday.  We decided to pick up the dogs from Nan’s early and head out to Fort DeSoto to play at the dog beach in Sunday.  Richard’s parents met us in Fort DeSoto for dinner, at Billy’s StoneCrab.  The food wasn’t half bad, but the service was awful!  Overall, the weekend was lots of fun and a really great way to reconnect.

The season in Boston started up mid-month.  I flew into Boston and we headed to Gloucester for a site inspection, and we were treated to lunch in Gloucester at the Seaport Grill, which was fantastic food.  We did a quick drive along the coastline and saw the Eastern Point Lighthouse.  We then stopped in Salem for about an hour, not nearly enough time, but definitely a place I will go back to!  On Saturday, we headed out to Martha’s Vineyard, for the Balmoral.  Such a beautiful place, even though the season hadn’t really started up yet.  The trip out was truly a planes, trains and automobiles experience..

To get to Martha’s Vineyard, I was driven to Woods Hole, took a ferry across to Vineyard Heaven, and caught a cab to the other side of the island.  We got there super early, and on recommendations from the locals, we headed for breakfast at Linda Jean’s Restaurant.  It was a fantastic place, great food and service, and apparently a staple on the little island.  The Balmoral finally arrived and we got the day started, headed out to the ship and met several folks, and got a tour of the vessel.  It is an old NCL vessel but they really have done some great work on the inside and spruced it up!  Lunch was to be had ashore, Sharky’s Cantina,, it was fantastic… the burritos were huge!!  The ship sailed and we headed back to Boston.

The Enchantment of the Sea’s had the first call in Boston, and it was quite an overnight experience.  With multiple issues it made an already long call into two really long days…. but, we got all the problems resolved and they sailed, only 30 minutes late, hallelujah!

Rolling into May now, first call in Bar Harbor for the Maasdam was on May 3.  Great day overall, the weather held out (thank God!), and dinner with friends made this quick trip fantastic!  Back in Boston for the second call of the Enchantment next week and taking a weekend to hang out with family in Dover.  Looking forward to the month ahead!