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I explored a little bit of Boston today, after sleeping in from such a long day yesterday. To me, Boston looks like Chicago, but the traffic is as bad as New York City. Just incredibly awful to try and navigate. Saying that though, I would definitely go again, but I think I would stay in a local hotel and either walk or cab it around town. It was a little difficult to explore having Brisbee with me too, because they are not quite as “dog-friendly” as Maine is. I did walk along a portion of the “Freedom Trail,” saw the site of the Boston Massacre, walked around the outside of Fenway Park, and attempted to find the Cheer’s Pub (that was a lost cause by the way). Such a cool city, I can see why everyone is so attracted to it, definitely on my list to do again. I want to see Cape Cod and try out some of the local restaurants… Again, difficult to do with a dog. I came back up to Portland tonight, my flight is out of the Portland airport at 11:00 tomorrow morning to go home. Super duper excited!!