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Had a wonderful time with Mom, Uncle Billy, Aunt Heidi and Cousin Hannah in Bar Harbor for a few days…. I really enjoyed showing off my second home, and spending time with family!

When Billy and Co. arrived in Ellsworth, Mom had them set up at the new Hampton Inn.  We picked up Billy and went for an adult beverage at Finn’s Irish Pub, in Ellsworth,

I hooked the extended family up with tickets to the Bar Harbor Whale Watch, the trip was cancelled because of weather, but we moved on, and went for lunch on board the Holland America Maasdam.  The tickets were rebooked for the next morning, and they enjoyed 3 hours of whale watching on Saturday morning.  After work, we headed up to CherryStones for an after-work drink.

On Saturday, Mom and I met up with the Voltz’s for a fun filled afternoon.  We collected them in town, and hit up the 38th Annual Fair on the Green…. a fabulous arts and crafts festival on the Village Green, with some really unique items, Mom, Heidi and I bought bracelets made from spoons!  I also found a piggy bank, the front of it is an old post office box, that was actually from White River Junction (where we went hot air ballooning) in Vermont.

We headed up around the Park Loop Road, and had lunch at Jordan Pond House.  The popovers were awesome, as expected.  We headed up to the top of Cadillac Mountain, it was a beautiful day and we got some great pictures, and finished up the island tour with Bass Harbor Light.  Dinner was at Pat’s Pizza in Ellsworth, and the family all headed out on Sunday.


What an amazing week out West!

Thanks to Richard’s boss, we were treated to a week out West, it was definitely a work trip for him, but we were allowed to have some fun too!  We were joined by coworker, Greg, and his wife, Michelle.  (Maybe I should say, we joined them??  Oh well, fun both ways!)

A quick breakdown, and then pictures.

Monday – we headed out of Orlando airport REALLY early, but landed in Vegas about 8:30am, their time.  We checked into the Bellagio Hotel, (yes, more awesome than the pictures make it out to be), and headed out to In N Out Burger,, for lunch.  I had a glorious burger animal style, and it was just as I remembered, beautifully delicious.

After lunch, we headed to the set of Las Vegas Pawn Stars,  The shop is smaller than it appears on television, and has a ton of memorabilia for sale, but it was super neat to walk around in.  There were a lot of items on display that we had seen in previous episodes and that was pretty neat.

The weather was HOT.  We headed to the pool and camped out at one of the FIVE pools on the hotel property… the one without kids.  Glorious.

Group decision for dinner was at Le Thai,  Only about 15 choices on the menu, everything was fresh and tasted delicious.

After dinner, we headed out along the street, which was part of the Neon Museum,  Fremont Street Gallery had some of the really cool old neon signs, and we made our way to the Fremont Street Experience, where we witnessed the light and sound show, had ice cream while watching the free entertainment, and wandered among some of the oldest casinos still in operation.

Tuesday we had plans to head out early… out to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.  The Hoover Dam,, was incredible, it is one of the modern wonders of the world, and when I look at it, I can see why.  Amazing the planning that went into the building of the dam, and how it stands today.  We stopped in Kingman, Arizona, for lunch at Mr. D’z Diner,, right on Route 66!

After lunch, I took a nap in the backseat as we headed along the route towards the Grand Canyon.  Talk about a road in the middle of nowhere.  From time to time, we could see trailers (some in groups, others not) and nothing else.

Next sign, Grand Canyon!  Yippee!  Probably one of the most exciting events on the trip, we stayed for about two hours, walked a bit on the South Rim, and I really realized just how small I am.  Holy smokes.  Amazing.

Dinner on our way back to Vegas was in a tiny (no more than 450 people) town called Seligman, at the Roadkill Cafe,  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the food was quite delectable.  Outside the cafe is is an old Arizona Territorial Jail and Old West storefronts which were lots of fun to take pictures in.

One of the most amazing sights to see is Vegas lit up at night.  Driving back, we turned a corner and came over a hill, Vegas was spread out in front of us, just like the movies!

Wednesday, the boys headed off to a convention, the true reason we were in the West, and Michelle and I headed out to find breakfast.  Driving in Vegas is a little hedgy, especially on the Strip, don’t even think it isn’t a parking lot!  So…. we headed off in one direction, in search of Coco’s Bakery,, which was a higher end Denny’s, delicious.  The pancakes were phenomenal.  With nonsensical directions, we finally made it back to the Strip, and found a bus to take us towards the other end of town.  We hit a mall, wandered around for a bit, and then decided that it was just too hot, and headed back to the pool.

The boys had to work til about  5:00pm, and then dinner was voted for Outback Steakhouse, thank you gift cards!  We met up with some of the guys Richard works with from time to time, and made our way back to the hotel.  Bellagio has an amazing water show,, and we watched a performance of Singing in the Rain, which was just incredible.  You can see what we saw, here.  I wish we had been able to see the show from above, as I am sure it was even more impressive.  But, still cool, nonetheless.

Richard and I headed out to Bally’s,, and met up with Mallory.  Mallory is an old friend of the family, and she is currently dancing with Jubilee!  A classic, critically acclaimed, Vegas show, the dancers were all incredible.  Still can’t believe we got such amazing seats, and I was in awe for 90 minutes.  Kudos to the cast!

Richard got to stay on in Vegas for another night, I headed back to Bar Harbor for work over the weekend, with the good ole Maasdam.  After recovering from being sick all last week, the countdown is on, one week til Maggie Valley, North Carolina!

P.S.  I crossed #17 and #33 off my Bucket List!!


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April Showers?  May Flowers!

Birthdays in April certainly top the list of events this month…. Alex on 4/13, my father in law on 4/17, Richard on 4/23, Mom on 4/26.. dinners at some fabulous places, Kobes, Texas Cattle Co… yummy!  Lots of balloons, presents and being with family.  Lots of fun.

Our 2nd anniversary on 4/30… a (somewhat) surprise weekend in Orlando and at the beach.. Dinner on Friday night at Thai House of Orlando, Sea World (thanks to Alex for the passes!), and dinner at Bongo’s Cuban Cafe in Downtown Disney on Saturday.  We decided to pick up the dogs from Nan’s early and head out to Fort DeSoto to play at the dog beach in Sunday.  Richard’s parents met us in Fort DeSoto for dinner, at Billy’s StoneCrab.  The food wasn’t half bad, but the service was awful!  Overall, the weekend was lots of fun and a really great way to reconnect.

The season in Boston started up mid-month.  I flew into Boston and we headed to Gloucester for a site inspection, and we were treated to lunch in Gloucester at the Seaport Grill, which was fantastic food.  We did a quick drive along the coastline and saw the Eastern Point Lighthouse.  We then stopped in Salem for about an hour, not nearly enough time, but definitely a place I will go back to!  On Saturday, we headed out to Martha’s Vineyard, for the Balmoral.  Such a beautiful place, even though the season hadn’t really started up yet.  The trip out was truly a planes, trains and automobiles experience..

To get to Martha’s Vineyard, I was driven to Woods Hole, took a ferry across to Vineyard Heaven, and caught a cab to the other side of the island.  We got there super early, and on recommendations from the locals, we headed for breakfast at Linda Jean’s Restaurant.  It was a fantastic place, great food and service, and apparently a staple on the little island.  The Balmoral finally arrived and we got the day started, headed out to the ship and met several folks, and got a tour of the vessel.  It is an old NCL vessel but they really have done some great work on the inside and spruced it up!  Lunch was to be had ashore, Sharky’s Cantina,, it was fantastic… the burritos were huge!!  The ship sailed and we headed back to Boston.

The Enchantment of the Sea’s had the first call in Boston, and it was quite an overnight experience.  With multiple issues it made an already long call into two really long days…. but, we got all the problems resolved and they sailed, only 30 minutes late, hallelujah!

Rolling into May now, first call in Bar Harbor for the Maasdam was on May 3.  Great day overall, the weather held out (thank God!), and dinner with friends made this quick trip fantastic!  Back in Boston for the second call of the Enchantment next week and taking a weekend to hang out with family in Dover.  Looking forward to the month ahead!

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**13th, friday**

Such a week!  I came up to Bar Harbor yesterday.  The weather was amazing today for the Maasdam… I heard reports we were in the 70’s!  Unfortunately, the weather went down hill over night… It has been alternating between overcast and rainy, cold, windy, and generally miserable since Friday night.  Blah!

**14th, saturday**

My colleague, Greg, was in town over the weekend and we decided to go for a bit of a hike today.  Beech Mountain.  It was beautiful!  It was 1.1 miles, and probably took 40 minutes or so.. The trek was much shorter… but we stayed at the top of the mountain for a bit.. the scene below was just amazing.  And quiet.  SO quiet.  I don’t have the cord with me to put some pictures online just yet, but I definitely will.  It was great.

**17th, tuesday**

I have just two more nights in Bar Harbor.. our big Mass Rescue Operation exercise is on the schedule for tomorrow.. I can’t believe all the winter trips to Bar Harbor will finally amount to something!  It will be a long day tomorrow, starting at 8am and ending by 4pm or so.. I am definitely looking forward to learning what type of impact I can provide, if any.  I am hoping it will be a learning experience I can take back to teach others.


Today was the big drill, the one we have been planning for ALL winter.  It was definitely a learning experience.  It didn’t quite go as I had thought it might… I was definitely expecting a little bit more that we experienced.  Royal Caribbean’s objectives were accountability.  We had a grand total of 184 passengers we were looking for, and only 64 we were actually able to account for.. unfortunately, the amount of volunteers we truly needed didn’t equal out to what we had.  I will take away some key points that the company can apply to incidents in the future, I am certainly hoping for some additional opportunities to practice what I have learned.

Looking forward to a good weekend… I am hosting a Premier party on Friday.  I am hoping to hit the dog beach on Saturday and we are meeting a very dear friend for dinner on Wednesday.. my best friend from elementary school!

Just arrived in Portland, ME. Looking forward to what the next five months have to bring…

Ordered a pizza from a local place…… Really good!

Getting settled into the Howard Johnson in South Portland tonight. Need to recoup from a somewhat stressful air trip. This was the first time taking Brisbee on the plane, needless to say, a little nerve rattling. She did really well though, only cried when we had to wait FOREVER to get up in the air, and when I left to pee. =)

I’m excited and nervous about this trip. Looking forward to the opportunities that await me, and interested to see what I will learn about myself. Ready to get into actually working, and take my mind off not knowing anyone yet. I think that is probably the hardest part of this trip, but I also feel like it is something I need to do, to see what I can learn about myself.

Missing everyone at home of course, and ready to get settled in and settle down. I hate living out of suitcases! I am so excited to see what the apartment in Bar Harbor looks like. I’ll be posting photos so that everyone gets to experience the new place. Wish me luck at WalMart tomorrow, it has been awhile since I went shopping for new home supplies.

Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow with Billy (my dad’s brother), it will be nice to see a friendly face, and he even offered to brave WalMart with me!

Work starts on Monday with meetings with CBP, Harbor Master, Pilots, and anyone else around that I can get in touch with. The first ship in is Holland America’s Maasdam on Thursday May 14th.

Feel free to leave me comments, I would love to hear what is going on in your life while I am in the not so warm Maine. And, of course, I would love to see a familiar face. Let me know if you want to visit, I would love the company!