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Wow… it’s been several months, very long and very challenging months.. happy to have the start of a new year upon us!

Since I last posted… Acadia National Park reopened!  The government still has some major issues to resolve.. but, whatever… I wrapped up my last (allegedly) of five full seasons in Bar Harbor, and New England, moved back to Plant City, started in my new role as the Operations Manager in Tampa, celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas, and my thirtieth birthday!  Whew!

The season in Tampa started mid-November, although I felt like I had been on the go from mid-August!  It’s been a challenging few months moving into my new role, constantly learning and adjusting… it’s been a mix of highs and lows as I learn to manage people, and it’s amazing to think that there is still more to learn!  Crazy, right?  Extremely thankful that the season in Tampa is seasonal… for one, I know the itch to travel is going to hit soon!

Richard has been traveling a lot for work, so it feels like we have switched roles..  He headed to Virginia with his father for Thanksgiving (to go hunting, of course) and spent time with Grandma Jane and other family, while I headed over to Mom’s for a relaxing week, and Alex joined us for a lovely meal at home.

After much traveling for work, Richard was finally home a few days before Christmas, and we headed back over to Mom’s and crashed at her place for a few days.  It was quite nice to relax, celebrate Christmas, eat delicious foods and not have to clean up!  We didn’t do any decorating this year… mainly because Richard was out of town and I am not a fan of going into the attic, but I knew I didn’t want to have to clean up either!  Mom got a fabulous black Christmas tree this year, and decorated with white and silver, it was gorgeous!  At work, the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas helped us to celebrate the holidays too, we decorated the terminal and the team wore fun hats… the ship gave us a delicious cake too!

A most fabulous end to 2013 was my fabulous dirty thirty birthday party!  (this deserves a post of its’ own!) ….and I am waiting on the pics from Alex too!


Jumping back in time, to fill you in on our awesome weekend cruise to celebrate my birthday (a few days early.)

Mom and I had a great time, out on Thursday, back on Monday – one stop in Cozumel, and it was soooooo relaxing.  I think all I did all week was sleep, eat, read my book(s), and chill.

The first night was an early night, as it always is after a full day of work, but we had a lovely sunset.


The next day, we took easy… breakfast care of room service, lovely sunshine on the balcony… and then we headed up to the pool deck.  After scouting out some lounge chairs, we finally found two in the sun.  The second night on board was formal night in the dining room, so Mom and I dressed up, and headed out to the Captain’s Welcome Aboard Reception and then dinner.  It’s always so lovely to see everyone dressed up!

Mom on cruise

Later that night we had another beautiful sunset….


Saturday, we docked in Cozumel, Mexico…. we have definitely spent many a day here, and it was just as we remembered.  I think there was a little more construction done, and it seems as though the town is booming with tourism.  Mom and I took a taxi into town, wandered around some of the shops, and found a little hole in the wall for lunch, called “Woody’s Bar and Grill,” you would think it would be super American, but it was a great Mexican food at cheap rates!  Across the way, we found a little Mexican woman, who put henna tattoos on our feet and ankles…

We headed back to the ship, and up to the pool deck… and this time had no problems finding lounge chairs, and finished the afternoon out with people watching and book reading.

Sunday was our final day of relaxing, and enjoying the holiday decoration up around the ship.  The massive Christmas tree in the centrum was beautiful, and huge!  We hit the shops, but didn’t find anything more exciting than what we already had.  We were invited to a lovely dinner in Chops Grille, one of the two specialty restaurants on board.  The Hotel Director, John, and F&B Manager, Tony, treated us for my early birthday dinner – I had the filet and it was lovely.

Monday was my 29th birthday, and I had to work!  The Bridge surprised me with a lovely birthday cake and a chorus of off key singing at the end of the day.

Richard’s sister and family were at our house when I got home.  Kristin cooked a great meal, we (barely) managed to stay up to watch the ball drop in Times Square on TV.  What a great weekend!


Had a wonderful time with Mom, Uncle Billy, Aunt Heidi and Cousin Hannah in Bar Harbor for a few days…. I really enjoyed showing off my second home, and spending time with family!

When Billy and Co. arrived in Ellsworth, Mom had them set up at the new Hampton Inn.  We picked up Billy and went for an adult beverage at Finn’s Irish Pub, in Ellsworth,

I hooked the extended family up with tickets to the Bar Harbor Whale Watch, the trip was cancelled because of weather, but we moved on, and went for lunch on board the Holland America Maasdam.  The tickets were rebooked for the next morning, and they enjoyed 3 hours of whale watching on Saturday morning.  After work, we headed up to CherryStones for an after-work drink.

On Saturday, Mom and I met up with the Voltz’s for a fun filled afternoon.  We collected them in town, and hit up the 38th Annual Fair on the Green…. a fabulous arts and crafts festival on the Village Green, with some really unique items, Mom, Heidi and I bought bracelets made from spoons!  I also found a piggy bank, the front of it is an old post office box, that was actually from White River Junction (where we went hot air ballooning) in Vermont.

We headed up around the Park Loop Road, and had lunch at Jordan Pond House.  The popovers were awesome, as expected.  We headed up to the top of Cadillac Mountain, it was a beautiful day and we got some great pictures, and finished up the island tour with Bass Harbor Light.  Dinner was at Pat’s Pizza in Ellsworth, and the family all headed out on Sunday.

Cruising queens!

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So… Mom and I headed out on the Jewel of the Seas, two weeks after Richard and the family.

We had a fantastic time, treated to dinner twice, hanging out by the pool, and lunch in Cozumel.

When you are having fun!!

What a busy weekend… although it did last about 5 days…

Started out with a trip to Medard Park, which was nothing compared to Acadia…. but, still a nice walk-around.

Medard Park

Richard headed out for work, in West Virginia, so the kids and I headed to Nan’s for a fun-filled weekend!
They were pooped by the end of our time there.

Brisbee, hunting lizards

Oscar, sniffing leaves



On Thursday, we headed out to Busch Gardens to see Alex perform in Dance to the Music.

Alex, with his partner

Alex, with partners

Mom, with the boys!

Saturday night rounded out the weekend, with an invitation to Anchor Ball 2011.  A great fundraiser put on by the Propeller Club of Tampa,  We were invited by the Ceres Global,, great guys from Tampa and Port Canaveral.  The night rounded out with a few adult beverages at Splitsville in Channelside,

The Ceres Gang:: Ryan, Frances, Tim, Mike

What a month it was!!

Well, Mom was in Bar Harbor for six days… and what a fun filled week it was!!  Can’t believe how quickly it passed… We hit the usual places, Geddy’s,, for a burrito and sangria (yummy!) and did a bit of bar hopping for drinks and apps… Galyn’s,, McKay’s,, and a few others.  Delicious!  We all, including Brisbee, went for what we thought was going to be a little traipse around the island…. we decided to stop for a bit of a walk, which turned into a hike, which turned into Brisbee needing a bath!!  Stinky!!  But, it was fun, and the first time I had seen Long Pond, beautiful.  Saturday night included a drive out to Bangor for an Octoberfest party hosted by the CBP supervisor, John, and his wife, Darnel.  It was a super neat idea, everyone picked a country and brought a dish and beer from that country.  Of course, I picked Ireland, I have a great connection!

I definitely felt the need to “do” more before leaving Bar Harbor, and I hit multiple stops!  The first was a hike with roommate Courtney, and it turned into quite a lengthy one.  We parked out past Compass Harbor (my home away from home three years ago) and traveled up the Orange and Black Path, to Champlain North Ridge Trail, and to the top of Champlain Mountain, 1058 feet up!  It was absolutely amazing.  The view.  That is all I can say.  The view, it was totally worth it.  The next day, we jumped on board the Bar Harbor Whale Watch and went for probably one of the most amazing whale watching trips EVER.  We went to Egg Rock first, which had tons of seals, and we journeyed ever so slightly (east, I think) away, and found Victim, and her calf.  The best part::  the double breach.  Wicked awesome.  Totally made the trip.  They both played with the boat for what seemed like forever, and were showing off, headstands, breaching eight times in a row, etc.  Wicked cool.  The next week, Brisbee and I ventured off for what turned into a five mile hike along the carriage roads.  I parked near the visitor center and we hoofed it from there, more beautiful views of Frenchman’s Bay and the fall leaves.

Saturday night, before my departure, was the Parkside Restaurant closing party- luau style!  I had been sick with a head cold for about four days by this time, so I didn’t stay too long…. only long enough to say my goodbye’s and I headed for the hills.

Brisbee and I headed for Portland Airport on Tuesday morning, and as usual, it was bittersweet.  I am always so excited to get home, but I miss Bar Harbor.  The people.  The pace.  And I look forward to what next year brings!


I can’t believe how this week seems to be moving along so quickly…

My flight to Tampa landed at about 6:30pm on Saturday.. Mom and Richard (and Oscar) met me at the airport.  Easy flights, no delays, thank God!

Richard and I came back to our new home, and it was the first time I walked in since we put the bid on the house!  Very exciting!  I made Richard carry me over the threshold, and we laughed the whole time.  It has been a week now since arriving home and I can’t believe it.  A lot has been accomplished, and there is still a ton more to do!  The office is the one (and only) room in the house that is anywhere near done.

Oh!  I forgot… we (by that, I mean Richard) installed a new shower head!  YAY!

Mom came over to visit a few times and helped me work through the hundreds (not really, just feels like it…) of boxes and we left a wonderful pile of trash for the garbage men.  Looking around, there are still to many boxes!  UGH.  I have the flu and a touch of bronchitis, according to the doctor, so I have been trying to get well.  I don’t think I moved on Tuesday.. I slept all day long.  But, I am definitely much better now than I have in days.

Richard and I took the dogs to Dox-a-Palooza at the Mango Seffner Dog Park.  It was super cute, a lot of doxies, but so cold.  I can’t believe how the weather is changing…

Aren’t the puppies super cute?!?!?