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Pool Par-tay!

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Dogs, Family Fun, Friends, Tampa
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Yesterday, we headed over to a friends’ house for some super relaxing BBQing and pool time… what fun it was!  Both pups were exhausted at the end of the day..

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Wow… it’s been several months, very long and very challenging months.. happy to have the start of a new year upon us!

Since I last posted… Acadia National Park reopened!  The government still has some major issues to resolve.. but, whatever… I wrapped up my last (allegedly) of five full seasons in Bar Harbor, and New England, moved back to Plant City, started in my new role as the Operations Manager in Tampa, celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas, and my thirtieth birthday!  Whew!

The season in Tampa started mid-November, although I felt like I had been on the go from mid-August!  It’s been a challenging few months moving into my new role, constantly learning and adjusting… it’s been a mix of highs and lows as I learn to manage people, and it’s amazing to think that there is still more to learn!  Crazy, right?  Extremely thankful that the season in Tampa is seasonal… for one, I know the itch to travel is going to hit soon!

Richard has been traveling a lot for work, so it feels like we have switched roles..  He headed to Virginia with his father for Thanksgiving (to go hunting, of course) and spent time with Grandma Jane and other family, while I headed over to Mom’s for a relaxing week, and Alex joined us for a lovely meal at home.

After much traveling for work, Richard was finally home a few days before Christmas, and we headed back over to Mom’s and crashed at her place for a few days.  It was quite nice to relax, celebrate Christmas, eat delicious foods and not have to clean up!  We didn’t do any decorating this year… mainly because Richard was out of town and I am not a fan of going into the attic, but I knew I didn’t want to have to clean up either!  Mom got a fabulous black Christmas tree this year, and decorated with white and silver, it was gorgeous!  At work, the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas helped us to celebrate the holidays too, we decorated the terminal and the team wore fun hats… the ship gave us a delicious cake too!

A most fabulous end to 2013 was my fabulous dirty thirty birthday party!  (this deserves a post of its’ own!) ….and I am waiting on the pics from Alex too!

A last minute decision… and it was a great one!  Knowing that we would be living in two different states for the next three months, I wanted to do something with Richard that he is always asking me to do… and I keep putting off.  (I know, I know, I deserve a round of applause and about +200 in the love bank!)

We headed out fairly early (for me) and not early enough for him… with a truckload of supplies, a full tank of gas, and two very excited puppies.  Up to the Gandy Bridge Boat Ramp, and launched the boat for a full day of fun… the weather was HOT but perfect, Richard had a little luck fishing, we found a fairly empty portion of beach along Ft. DeSoto to play on, and the weather stayed great all day.

Here’s a few snaps from the day:

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My first trip to the beach (in Florida) this summer!

Richard suggested heading out to Ft. DeSoto on Saturday, July 13, and spending the day in the sun and sand.

It was a beautiful day, we stopped to pick up sandwiches on the way out, and sat under our beach tent while enjoying the other dogs around us, and the waves crashing in the forefront.  The dogs were not so thrilled about the sand at first, as always…. but Oscar really got into rolling around in it…. he looked a little like cat poo in the litter box by the time he was done.  It was hilarious!  Brisbee jumped into the water by herself, she hates to be left on the beach while Richard and I are in the water.  Oscar was less interested, and patrolled the beach and manned our tent instead.

Expedition (of the Neighborhood)

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Dogs
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Well, we went on an expedition of our neighborhood today… headed to see what all those new houses look like, and to inspect the new walking path, with the cool new jungle gym!  We had to take lots of time and sniff all the blades of grass, and new bushes, and trees… and leave our mark every couple of feet.  Very important that other four legged creatures know that this is our walk area!


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White Picket Fence….

Posted: August 22, 2012 in House
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Who thought I, of all people, would have a little white picket fence in my backyard??

When you are having fun!!

What a busy weekend… although it did last about 5 days…

Started out with a trip to Medard Park, which was nothing compared to Acadia…. but, still a nice walk-around.

Medard Park

Richard headed out for work, in West Virginia, so the kids and I headed to Nan’s for a fun-filled weekend!
They were pooped by the end of our time there.

Brisbee, hunting lizards

Oscar, sniffing leaves



On Thursday, we headed out to Busch Gardens to see Alex perform in Dance to the Music.

Alex, with his partner

Alex, with partners

Mom, with the boys!

Saturday night rounded out the weekend, with an invitation to Anchor Ball 2011.  A great fundraiser put on by the Propeller Club of Tampa,  We were invited by the Ceres Global,, great guys from Tampa and Port Canaveral.  The night rounded out with a few adult beverages at Splitsville in Channelside,

The Ceres Gang:: Ryan, Frances, Tim, Mike