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Wow… it’s been several months, very long and very challenging months.. happy to have the start of a new year upon us!

Since I last posted… Acadia National Park reopened!  The government still has some major issues to resolve.. but, whatever… I wrapped up my last (allegedly) of five full seasons in Bar Harbor, and New England, moved back to Plant City, started in my new role as the Operations Manager in Tampa, celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas, and my thirtieth birthday!  Whew!

The season in Tampa started mid-November, although I felt like I had been on the go from mid-August!  It’s been a challenging few months moving into my new role, constantly learning and adjusting… it’s been a mix of highs and lows as I learn to manage people, and it’s amazing to think that there is still more to learn!  Crazy, right?  Extremely thankful that the season in Tampa is seasonal… for one, I know the itch to travel is going to hit soon!

Richard has been traveling a lot for work, so it feels like we have switched roles..  He headed to Virginia with his father for Thanksgiving (to go hunting, of course) and spent time with Grandma Jane and other family, while I headed over to Mom’s for a relaxing week, and Alex joined us for a lovely meal at home.

After much traveling for work, Richard was finally home a few days before Christmas, and we headed back over to Mom’s and crashed at her place for a few days.  It was quite nice to relax, celebrate Christmas, eat delicious foods and not have to clean up!  We didn’t do any decorating this year… mainly because Richard was out of town and I am not a fan of going into the attic, but I knew I didn’t want to have to clean up either!  Mom got a fabulous black Christmas tree this year, and decorated with white and silver, it was gorgeous!  At work, the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas helped us to celebrate the holidays too, we decorated the terminal and the team wore fun hats… the ship gave us a delicious cake too!

A most fabulous end to 2013 was my fabulous dirty thirty birthday party!  (this deserves a post of its’ own!) ….and I am waiting on the pics from Alex too!


As usual, this last month has been fairly hectic and I am slacking again on sharing with the world the most recent excitement in our lives.

The Vaughan’s came to Bar Harbor!  Richard spent a whole week, count ’em… 7 WHOLE DAYS!  In the past, he has only had the opportunity to come up for the weekend, and we attempt to cram a month’s worth of catching up in some very short hours.  This time…. it was awesome!  My in-laws were also able to join us for a week’s worth of adventures… and seeing that it was over 4th of July holiday.. it was an booming week of fun!

Richard arrived from North Carolina.. where he had spent the weekend training at a church the company had just recently installed some equipment in.  It was a nice surprise.. as he arrived about 5 hours earlier than we had originally planned.  His parents were driving up from Florida, and made several stops along the way, with family and friends, and arrived early afternoon on Monday.

Our first night, we headed over to Stewman’s Lobster Pound,, for dinner.  My father-in-law dug into a full downeast lobster experience… clam chowder, lobster, mussels, corn, potatoes and blueberry pie!


Richard’s Downeast Lobster Experience

With rain expected for Tuesday, we headed into Acadia National Park.. I don’t care what the weather is like, the Park is beautiful every time.  We hit Park Loop Road and saw all the highlights: Sieur de Monts Spring, the Abbe Museum, Park Loop Road, Sand Beach, Thunder Hole, Otter Cliffs, Bass Harbor Head Light, Sea Wall… the Jesup Path was amazing… Richard remembered walking it on one of his first visits to Bar Harbor… we headed back out to find it, and some wildlife along the way.

The next morning may have been the highlight of the whole trip… at least, for the boys.  As a Father’s Day gift, the boys hopped into an open cockpit biplane,, and took off for about 18 minutes of exhilarating fun!

We headed back into Acadia National Park with a box lunch in hand… and to Otter Cliffs, which is one of my new favorite locations.

And then we headed up to South Bubble and Balance Rock… one of my absolute favorite hikes!  It is sooooo gorgeous once you get up to the top, and the hike up isn’t so bad either.  Keeping in mind that it had been raining in Bar Harbor for what felt like days on end, it was quite a wet hike up, but totally worth the view from the top.

We rounded out the evening with a trip up to the top of Cadillac Mountain, and watched the sunset from the Blue Hill Overlook – it was spectacular!

July 4th!  One of my absolute favorite days in Bar Harbor…. simply because it is celebrated small town style.  What that means specifically…. good ole’ fashioned pancake breakfasts, a parade with more than 1,000 participants, lobstah races in the baseball fields, arts and crafts market, lobstah meals, ice cream, pies and other yummy desserts for sale, to raise money for local non-profits and other local groups.  We headed to Cherrystones for breakfast, and front row seats of the parade, it is always so much fun to see what the floats will look like every year!  After, we headed down to the ball park.. it was sooooo hot that day, and a Sno-Cone was in order!  While waiting for the fireworks over the Harbor later that evening, we headed to Pirate’s Cove for a little competitive putt-putt,  I lost.  Good news?  I got a free ice cream across the street at Udder Heaven,!  The fireworks were awesome… best I have seen in 5 years, check it out here!

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Friday was back to work, and the in-laws were leaving the island.  What a fun week!

Can’t believe the Bar Harbor season is starting already!!  It seems like I just packed up and moved home, to a new house… and a new ship in Tampa.  Holey Moley.

I just spent last week traipsing up the New England coast.. flying into Providence RI on Tuesday night, and taking a shuttle to Newport RI.  Worked a full day, then hitched a ride with a co-worker up to Gloucester MA,  found out the ship was canceled due to some pretty dense fog (but wandered around the little town while he had a meeting) and then traipsed another 6 hours or so up to Bar Harbor ME.  What a week.  I have about enough time in the car to last me the rest of the year, but, I can’t help it… I love the work, and the travel.  The travel bug has DEFINITELY bit me hard.  :0)

Bar Harbor had the most amazing weather…. I was still wearing two layers, but the sun was out.  And it was gorgeous.

I flew home on Saturday morning, went to directly to the pier in Tampa to see off the Radiance… I really enjoyed working with everyone on board, and I think we had a magnificent season.  I know December and January were tough…. but I really made some great friends.  :0)

April 30 — we celebrated one year of marriage!!  I can’t believe how the time has flown.. It is amazing to think of all of the things we have experienced together, as a married couple… and I can’t believe it has all happened in such a short period of time.  From January of 201o to the current, we have:  gotten engaged, gotten married, adopted a doxie, bought a house, moved into the house.. talk about a bucket list, right?  Wow.

This week, Richard had enough time to take a break from work… much needed of course… we spent Monday in Orlando, playing at the Bass Pro Shop, lunch at Fuddruckers, wandered around WonderWorks, and went to a comedy show.. pretty great day.  Tuesday was another day out on the bay with me and the dogs.. and he spent another day out there today, alone this time.  Yesterday was a hang around the house day… and who knows what’s on the list for tomorrow… I am just glad he had been able to take some time off.

So, Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Fishing in the Bay..

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Sunday was awesome.. we took the boat out in the Bay!

Richard caught several mackerel and catfish… but, his pride and joy was this 19″ trout.

Brisbee and Oscar seemed to have a good time too… That is, once Oscar got over his motion sickness.  They both attempted to eat the fish that Richard pulled into the boat, and had a great time barking at the other boats in the Bay.  They spent time alternating between lying out in the sun and passing out in the shade.

The highlight of the day for me was the manatee that came right up to the boat!

Overall, it was a great day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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My wonderful hubby sent me a dozen red roses at work….. :D.

Life over the past month has been very full… full of surprises, full of people, a full house…

Often, I feel like I am in a dream world, where my life is not really my own… we have been married almost 8 months, living in our house for almost 3 months… had a full house of guests for several weekends, hosted our first house party, and we are planning on hosting Christmas at our house this year.  It just seems so bizarre that life this year has flown by SO QUICKLY!  A year ago… I had no idea that this is where I would be now.

What is there to catch up on?  Thanksgiving was fun… we still don’t have any “real” furniture in the house, but I am so lucky, and thankful, that Mom is helping us out.  One of our guest bedrooms is now a replica of the bedroom I left behind… literally.  She gave us the bed, and I still had my furniture from my apartment days… kinda funny to see!  We used her old kitchen table, my kitchen table, and a lovely shade of blue folding table covered in tableclothes.. but we had a great Thanksgiving!  Huge thank you to Mom and my SIL, Kristin, who helped make it all happen.  The turkey was tender, there was plenty of leftovers and dessert finished a great night.

Richard and I went to work on the master bedroom and I love the color I picked.  There was a debate when the color first went up…. it was not a pleasant color, however, after drying it has really started to grow on me.  We, meaning Richard, still has to put the crown molding up, and I need to find something for the walls.  However, it is so nice not having white walls anymore!   The crown molding went up in the office, and it looks amazing.  I am so thrilled, I can’t believe how good it looks!

We had two invites to weddings for friends this month… James and Katie,, and Steve and Sandra.  Both brides looked amazing!  Katie chose the Italian Club, which is where church used to be held (we are in a new building now), and it was catered by Wayl of a Time… which is just an amazing menu, all the time.  Sandy’s was at Tradewinds Hotel in St. Pete.  (Which happens to be just down the road from where we got married!)  Mom joined me for Sandy’s wedding as Richard had to work.  Both weddings made me think back to my own… wow.

Company Christmas parties are also in high swing… MPI hosted their party last Friday… the owners catered in at their home and we had a great time with the White Elephant gift exchange, we brought lotto tickets… they were a hit!  My Christmas party will be this Wednesday night, we are meeting my boss and some colleagues in Orlando for a Texas de Brazil dinner.. can’t wait!  Meat on sticks, unlimited salad bar… yummy!

We hosted out first party last Saturday night… It was definitely super fun!  It started about 7pm… and I think I finally fell into bed about midnight… Richard made hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill.  Mom, Kristin and I put a ton of other stuff together… lasagna, spaghetti sauce croissants, cucumber sandwiches, cookies, cakes, punch… I ate so well!  Reid took our Christmas picture- which will be going out in the mail today (can you believe how late I am???) and we had great conversation.  It was fun to show off the house and spend some time with friends.

Lots to do, Christmas shopping has to get finished.  I can’t believe how late I am in doing this… I have never put it off so late!  Pictures to follow soon….

I can’t believe how this week seems to be moving along so quickly…

My flight to Tampa landed at about 6:30pm on Saturday.. Mom and Richard (and Oscar) met me at the airport.  Easy flights, no delays, thank God!

Richard and I came back to our new home, and it was the first time I walked in since we put the bid on the house!  Very exciting!  I made Richard carry me over the threshold, and we laughed the whole time.  It has been a week now since arriving home and I can’t believe it.  A lot has been accomplished, and there is still a ton more to do!  The office is the one (and only) room in the house that is anywhere near done.

Oh!  I forgot… we (by that, I mean Richard) installed a new shower head!  YAY!

Mom came over to visit a few times and helped me work through the hundreds (not really, just feels like it…) of boxes and we left a wonderful pile of trash for the garbage men.  Looking around, there are still to many boxes!  UGH.  I have the flu and a touch of bronchitis, according to the doctor, so I have been trying to get well.  I don’t think I moved on Tuesday.. I slept all day long.  But, I am definitely much better now than I have in days.

Richard and I took the dogs to Dox-a-Palooza at the Mango Seffner Dog Park.  It was super cute, a lot of doxies, but so cold.  I can’t believe how the weather is changing…

Aren’t the puppies super cute?!?!?