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What a week!  No, make that three weeks, it has been.

Life this fall has been ever so busy…. which I guess is better than the alternative… lol

I had the awesome opportunity to participate in Royal Caribbean’s Train the Trainer on board the Majesty of the Seas from September 9 thru 13.. what a beautiful ship!  Royal Caribbean hosted a week long training seminar that concentrated on the Oz Principle, Living Above the Line and Thinking Outside the Box.  It was a great week, and I am excited to share what I learned with the rest of the team at home… I hope they benefit as much as I did.

I won’t bore you with the details of the training… but here are some great pics of the trip!

We joined the vessel Monday in Miami, after an early morning and several really long hours on a flight, I finally made it.


Tuesday we were in Nassau, Bahamas, and got to enjoy an afternoon stroll around town and a great tour of Atlantis!  Some of the girls and I headed back on board and had dinner at Johnny Rockets… I haven’t eaten there in years!

Wednesday was CocoCay, Bahamas, RCCL’s private island… we hung out on the beach and soaked in the sun, it was beautiful…

Thursday was Key West.. I hadn’t been there since Richard and I were dating!  We had lunch at Sloppy Joe’s – YUM!

Friday was back to Miami, and back to Bar Harbor.. a great week, and I am definitely recharged for the fall!


The wedding was great, as far as I am concerned, and let’s be real… As long as I was happy, that really is all that matters… Right? 🙂

I know that Mom was a little stressed out running around all over the place to set up and take care of things for me… But, she did an awesome job and I LOVE the way that everything turned out, I was thrilled that what I pictured is what happened.

Richard and I were talking that night.. in the few minutes we had alone to talk… and we were both shocked and thrilled for the number of people that came out to celebrate with us.. It was awesome to see all of our families there, and mingling, and enjoying being together.. I always knew I was surrounded by awesome people, this was just proof!

Earlier that day was probably the most relaxing ever! I hear a lot of brides saying that they have been awake since before dawn, setting up, preparing the reception area, trying to last minute organize about forty different things, and having tons of people around giving their opinion. I can’t believe anyone would put themselves through that! I hung out on the beach with Wendy, Heather and Becky and we soaked up the sun for a couple of hours. We went up to the pool after a while and the rest of the English side of the family arrived, SO great to see them… I haven’t seen Kelsey in 13 years… since she was about 10 weeks old! Richard arrived shortly after and we had lunch at the Sloppy Joe’s at the hotel, delicious.

After hanging out for a little while, we were able to rehearse the ceremony twice.. super easy.. Kelsey stepped up and acted as our organizer… making sure everyone walked out at the appropriate tine, great job and mucho thanks to her.

We all headed up to the rooms to start getting ready.. My hair was courtesy of my lovely cousin Eve, who did an amazing job. I was so thrilled to see the final result, as it was certainly hard to sit through all the curls!! I couldn’t believe that they started to fall out so quickly into the night, but let me be honest, my hair doesn’t EVER hold a curl… so to get pictures, I was thrilled!

Wendy, my matron of honor, is big into the MaryKay stuff.. She did my makeup. Super amazing job there.. I was thrilled, completely natural, and it looked great!

After Mom and the girls helped me into the dress, with most of my aunts watching.. I was able to put all the jewelery on and finishing looking at myself in the mirror, I could not believe how much NOT like myself I looked.

Richard came into the room after and we got some fantastic photos, because Reid, our photographer, wanted to make sure that he could get some great photos. His website,, is an amazing description of his work… I am excitedly counting down the days to see the final photos!

There were tons of photos taken, I wish that we had been able to take more photos with the bridal party and maybe some of the extended family because we really had a lot more light than anyone thought we would have.. But, anyhow, I am sure the pictures will be fabulous!!

I think that the worst part of the whole evening was right before I walked down the aisle with my dad. I have never felt so sick, I could not believe I felt like I was going to throw up… But, there is just no other way to describe it. The feeling passed soon enough and I was able to get through the night just fine.

After a long night of dancing, mingling, drinking, and everything else combined.. I would chalk it up to a fantastic night. I can’t believe how well everything seemed to go and the feedback from everyone is that a great time was had. I am so happy to hear it. I didn’t eat much that night.. I think I was too excited and nervous at the same time, but I heard the food was pretty good. Kudos to the chef!

I am sure that I will remember some details later, and have to update as I think about it.. but, for now, not a bad recollection of the night, if I do say so myself!