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What a month March was!  We headed out to both the Lakeland and Tampa Airports for some very different, and very fun, planes!

The Lakeland Airport was first, on March 3… a remote control jet airplane show… so neat!  Amazing that these little planes cost so much to build… thankful it was a beautiful day, and we had some friends meet up with us as well.  I think Richard was amazed at these planes… they are quite larger (and much more expensive!) than his little hobby. 🙂


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On March 22, we headed over to the MacDill Air Force Base, to check out Airfest 2014!  After a three year absence, the Thunderbirds came back to Tampa.  The show was packed with military aircraft, warbirds, military vehicles, equipment from all military branches, along with the displays of the incredible aviation and ground equipment of the bay area’s local law enforcement.

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And a short video… sorry it’s shaky, the sun was so bright!


Wow… it’s been several months, very long and very challenging months.. happy to have the start of a new year upon us!

Since I last posted… Acadia National Park reopened!  The government still has some major issues to resolve.. but, whatever… I wrapped up my last (allegedly) of five full seasons in Bar Harbor, and New England, moved back to Plant City, started in my new role as the Operations Manager in Tampa, celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas, and my thirtieth birthday!  Whew!

The season in Tampa started mid-November, although I felt like I had been on the go from mid-August!  It’s been a challenging few months moving into my new role, constantly learning and adjusting… it’s been a mix of highs and lows as I learn to manage people, and it’s amazing to think that there is still more to learn!  Crazy, right?  Extremely thankful that the season in Tampa is seasonal… for one, I know the itch to travel is going to hit soon!

Richard has been traveling a lot for work, so it feels like we have switched roles..  He headed to Virginia with his father for Thanksgiving (to go hunting, of course) and spent time with Grandma Jane and other family, while I headed over to Mom’s for a relaxing week, and Alex joined us for a lovely meal at home.

After much traveling for work, Richard was finally home a few days before Christmas, and we headed back over to Mom’s and crashed at her place for a few days.  It was quite nice to relax, celebrate Christmas, eat delicious foods and not have to clean up!  We didn’t do any decorating this year… mainly because Richard was out of town and I am not a fan of going into the attic, but I knew I didn’t want to have to clean up either!  Mom got a fabulous black Christmas tree this year, and decorated with white and silver, it was gorgeous!  At work, the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas helped us to celebrate the holidays too, we decorated the terminal and the team wore fun hats… the ship gave us a delicious cake too!

A most fabulous end to 2013 was my fabulous dirty thirty birthday party!  (this deserves a post of its’ own!) ….and I am waiting on the pics from Alex too!

Can’t believe the Bar Harbor season is starting already!!  It seems like I just packed up and moved home, to a new house… and a new ship in Tampa.  Holey Moley.

I just spent last week traipsing up the New England coast.. flying into Providence RI on Tuesday night, and taking a shuttle to Newport RI.  Worked a full day, then hitched a ride with a co-worker up to Gloucester MA,  found out the ship was canceled due to some pretty dense fog (but wandered around the little town while he had a meeting) and then traipsed another 6 hours or so up to Bar Harbor ME.  What a week.  I have about enough time in the car to last me the rest of the year, but, I can’t help it… I love the work, and the travel.  The travel bug has DEFINITELY bit me hard.  :0)

Bar Harbor had the most amazing weather…. I was still wearing two layers, but the sun was out.  And it was gorgeous.

I flew home on Saturday morning, went to directly to the pier in Tampa to see off the Radiance… I really enjoyed working with everyone on board, and I think we had a magnificent season.  I know December and January were tough…. but I really made some great friends.  :0)

April 30 — we celebrated one year of marriage!!  I can’t believe how the time has flown.. It is amazing to think of all of the things we have experienced together, as a married couple… and I can’t believe it has all happened in such a short period of time.  From January of 201o to the current, we have:  gotten engaged, gotten married, adopted a doxie, bought a house, moved into the house.. talk about a bucket list, right?  Wow.

This week, Richard had enough time to take a break from work… much needed of course… we spent Monday in Orlando, playing at the Bass Pro Shop, lunch at Fuddruckers, wandered around WonderWorks, and went to a comedy show.. pretty great day.  Tuesday was another day out on the bay with me and the dogs.. and he spent another day out there today, alone this time.  Yesterday was a hang around the house day… and who knows what’s on the list for tomorrow… I am just glad he had been able to take some time off.

So, Happy Cinco de Mayo!

11 days!

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I don’t even know what day it is anymore… Thank God my cell phone has the day and date on it… I would be totally lost without. it is amazing that when I live my life in block of time, it is so difficult to remember what is happening anything further than 5 days out… and my days are not actually days, but ship names. I don’t know how to explain this, I know my “ship friends” understand anyway.

So, life this week consisted of Costa/Explorer (Sunday), then Maasdam (Monday), then days off til next Jewel (Monday).. LOL. A little ridiculous.. but I can’t help it! I think I can commiserate with my ship friends who work in a contract… I am so counting down the days, hence, the post title. I am absolutely thrilled to be getting home. This two weeks is probably the hardest. I really want to be home, there aren’t enough ship days to make up for the days off going super slow, I have a three hour ride to the airport, and then about 6 hours of flight and layover til getting to Tampa, the Tampa season with Radiance is still in the rev-up stage, and of course, I miss Richard and my Mom, and can’t wait to get into our new house!

The end of the season is always a little bittersweet too… I will miss my friends up here, I will miss the beauty of the island and the calm and serene that it is. I will not miss being 45 minutes from WalMart, I will NOT miss working multiple days in a row and trying to stay caught up.

November and December may be a little crazy because the Port Everglades season is kicking off.. Multiple ships over the weekends, so I will probably head that way to help.. which will be fun too. Different than Tampa and change of pace from Bar Harbor… we shall see how everything goes. The Allure of the Seas, Oasis’s sister ship will debut soon too.. It would be neat to be in Port Everglades for their big arrival from the ship yard. A neat experience to be part of, and certainly helps me to appreciate Tampa and the group I work with there. The group in Tampa has been together for so long, the days are like clockwork and finishing up at the end of the day is so easy.

Off to bed! Gotta pack tomorrow, and possibly shipping the first suitcase home. Hallelujah! I love it here, but I love the thought of going home more!

I am so very sorry I have been slacking on my blog postings… I didn’t realize how far behind I have gotten!! So, gonna try and back up to catch up those who are interested in reading about my life.. Having such a great time in Tampa… Can’t believe I am actually going back to Bar Harbor tomorrow!

So, a long, long time ago in a not so far away place…

Friday (july 31)
The highlight for today was going to the Tampa Bay Rays baseball game at Tropicana Field in St. Pete. There was a total of eleven people that made an appearance… and I had such a great time! It was neat to get a bunch of friends together that didn’t really know each other, but are lively enough to hang out with people that they don’t know so well. Of course, the Rays won so that made the night that much more awesome. Funny enough, the reason we decided to go to the game was because of a television ad announcing the a hip hop artist was going to be giving a concert after the game… 🙂 Not that I enjoy hip hop all that much, but it was like the icing on the cake… too funny to pass up!

Saturday (august 1)
Spent the day at Universal Studios with some friends that also went to the ballgame. Had a really good time hanging out in the sun, wandering around (lines were massively long!) and eating (of course..)
We didn’t stay out too late… Cruising was the next day.

Sunday – Sunday (august 2 – august 9)

Sunday (august 2)
Signed onto Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas today, and holy cow, it is a HUGE ship!! Drove over from Tampa this morning and stopped for lunch at Kaye’s Place, near the terminal in Port Canaveral. Joined the ship a little after 1pm… and wandered around… I think that I dragged my chin around on the ground all day long.
Absolutely an amazing ship, beautiful! We participated in the mandatory “Safety Drill,” basically we had to put on the gorgeous life vests and join everyone on an upper deck to learn what to do in the event of an emergency. (There were no photos taken!) Tonight’s entertainment was the Welcome Aboard Show… with two acrobats from Cirque… awesome performance. It was followed by the Party Around the World Parade, which was a cute way to highlight some of the different departments on board and hear all sorts of music.

Monday (august 3)
At Sea

Tuesday (august 4)
Labadee, Haiti — So pretty! Had a great time here, although the heat was unbelievable… Went jet skiing and laid on the beach and in hammocks, such a very nice way to start the vacation!

Wednesday (august 5)
Ocho Rios, Jamaica — Jamaica is another beautiful location… We opted for the shore excursion that would allow us access to all inclusive Sandals resort and I am so glad that is the one we picked! Sandals Dunn’s River is set about 15 minutes drive from the pier in Ocho Rios, and the driver was pretty relaxed… no crazy changing lanes, passing other cars, etc. We spent the day lounging in the sun and cooling off in the pool, always with an adult beverage in hand and plenty of sunscreen applied.

Thursday (august 6)
Grand Cayman — No excursion, just cheap alcohol!!

Friday (august 7)
Cozumel, Mexico — Wandered… Been here before…

Saturday (august 8)
At Sea — Where, in one place, can you ice skate, rock climb and surf? On the ship of course!! So much fun!!!

Sunday (august 9)
We were off the ship, regrettably, at a very early hour this morning… But it was so nice to be able to make one of the services at church and see everyone. Definitely can’t wait to be back for good… I watch online, but it just isn’t the same. Picked up Brisbee from Grandma and Pop’s house… (She says she had a great time playing in the backyard with them.) Headed back over to Richard’s apartment, and alternated taking naps and watching golf / Nascar — which are both great programs to take naps with!!

Monday (august 10)
Tonight was couple’s game night… SO MUCH FUN! Greg agreed to giving up his house for the night and we brought over some games, ordered pizza and hung out. I think we all showed up about 7 or so and unbelievably, we didn’t leave til 11:30pm.. it was great. Hoping that we will be able to make this into a frequent occurrence, it was fun to hang out with other couples and have fun and be goofy.

Tuesday (august 11)
Tonight we had a great BBQ at Mom and Dad’s house.. had quite a few people show up… Nice to see everyone and get a chance to catch up with everyone. Dad was in charge of the grill and Mom kept a drink in everyone’s hand… So I think everyone really enjoyed it! Tried to clean up a little of my own apartment and did laundry, started packing my bags and did a little bit of work.. A very busy day… I might need a vacation from this vacation!! It really has been so wonderful to be home, and although I am looking forward to what the next two and a half months have to bring… I can’t wait til ALL of my stuff is in one place!

Wednesday (august 12)
Officially back in Bar Harbor. Long day of flights, the one from Philadelphia was delayed for two hours, so we sat on the tarmac… super boring, but I made a friend named Sarah and I got a load of work done… Hard to argue right?
Going to be very busy the next couple of weeks… amazingly enough I only have ten more weeks until I am back in Tampa, this time for at least six months… I can’t believe how the time has flown!!

Had a beautiful ship day today… Probably could not have asked for better weather, it was gorgeous! Had such a great, easy day today… I am hoping they can all be like this! I did have to drive into Bangor for the paperwork and only got stuck behind one driver who was slow as molasses. Had a bagel and donut breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts, and made dinner at home tonight.

It didn’t pick up and get windy until later in the afternoon, and rained most of the evening, but I didn’t have to go out in it… So it was fabulous!

Brisbee and I are just about packed up to go to Tampa tomorrow, we have a layover in Philly, which is an airport I have never been too. I am hoping that it won’t feel so much like the hour that it will be, and we can keep on movin’.

Excited about Mom’s spaghetti dinner tomorrow night, home cooked food! And sleeping in my own bed, yay! Will update with the plans when I know more!